Draytek Vigor 2130 Broadband Router & Firewall
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The DrayTek Vigor2130, Vigor2130n and Vigor2130Vn VDSL2 Routers were designed for speed-hungry customers.

With high throughput performance and secure broadband connectivity provided by Vigor 2130 series, you can simultaneously use bandwidth-intensive applications like high-definition video streaming, online gaming, and Internet telephony / access.

The DrayTek Vigor2130 series are routers with high speed in data transmission through WAN both port and LAN ports. With hardware NAT acceleration, the rate of Vigor2130 series can be as high as 800Mbps. With FTTx deployment, the main question for end users is whether their legacy router could fully utilize the available bandwidth or not. You don't want to find yourself purchasing a 120 Mbps Internet connection from your ISP only to learn that your existing router cannot support 90 Mbps throughput.   With the DrayTek 2130 series, the problems is solved.


DrayTek Vigor2130Vn VoIP WLAN

DrayTek Vigor2130n WLAN

DrayTek Vigor2130


DrayTek Vigor 2130 Series Router/Firewall

The DrayTek Vigor 2130 Series routers provide similar features to the DrayTek Vigor 2110 series, with these differences:

DrayTek Vigor 2130 Series Specification

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