Draytek Vigor 2104 and 2104P
DSL Cable Routers


DrayTek Vigor 2104
DSL Cable Routers

Cost-effective, yet high-performance, the DrayTek Vigor2104 series provides an effective and effortless solution to share a high-speed broadband Internet connection between multiple computers in your home or office


  • Easy Internet-Sharing via broadband technology for SOHO user
  • Easy Setup via Wizards and web user interface
  • NAT & VPN Pass-through facilities
  • Built-in Firewall to increase system security
  • DDNS posting for hosting servers on a dynamic IP Address
  • UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) Support for multimedia applications
  • Broadband (WAN) Ethernet interface-connects to cable/ADSL modem or other Ethernet-based broadband feed
  • UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) Support for multimedia applications
Installation is designed to be easy, for the typical SOHO user to install himself-you do not need to be networking guru to get your DrayTek Vigor2104 router installed! The added convenience of a built-in print server (2104P), compatibility with multi-media and games software as well as the added security of firewall protection are all combined to make the DrayTek Vigor2104 series routers the router you'll need!
Your dormitory or home is already installed with the Ethernet cable/ADSL modem for Internet and you plan to share bandwidth by using budget residential gateway.
UPnP protocol is intended to bring to network connected devices, the ease of installation and configuration which is already available for directly connected PC peripherals with the existing Windows "Plug and Play" system.
For NAT routers, the major feature of UPnP on the DrayTek Vigor2104 Series is " NAT Traversal ". This enables applications inside the firewall to automatically open the ports they need to pass through a router. This is more reliable than requiring a router to work out by itself which ports need to be opened and without the user having manually set up port mappings or a DMZ.
UPnP is available on WindowsXP and the DrayTek Vigor2104 Series provides support for MSN Messenger, allowing full use of the voice, video and messaging features.