Din Modems /Cellular / GSM Modems

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Industrial DIN-rail mountable modems operate in telephone network dialup, leased line or data-over power line applications. These modems are designed for industrial applications, which means that there are functions built in to them that are especially useful in industrial systemsólike PLC connection mode and DIP-switch settings.

These modems have the added benefits of a watchdog function and galvanic isolation for reliable communication in harsh environments.

Cellular/GSM Modems

Digi Connect WAN

Wireless data communication over a GSM network can be used instead of normal wirebound communication in several industrial applications. The benefits of wireless applications are many and one of the most obvious is the low cost of the installation. Other important benefits are for example all services provided by the GSM networks. The data transfer service is just one of many that could be used in a lot of different applications.