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IDM 100

* 2W full-duplex
* Distance range up to 8 km
* Transparent data rates from DC to 9600 bps
* Point-to-point operation
* Immunity to EMI/RFI interference
* Built-in overvoltage protection up to 1500V


IDM100 is a private-line modem for asynchronous data transfer over a single dedicated pair of wires. It uses pure Frequency Shift Key modulation, providing transparent full-duplex communication at distances up to 6 km, or semi-duplex communication at distances up to 8 km. Modem is considered transparent regarding speed rate (from DC to 9600 bps), data structure and communication protocol. Opposite the short-haul base-band modems, IDM100 utilizes high frequency carrier and FSK modulation, thus increasing immunity to EM and RF interferences. This feature makes IDM100 reliable even in harsh industrial environments. IDM100 has an ability to communicate over any type of conductor pair: shielded, unshielded, twisted and untwisted. Communication is possible even over metal sections, like sliding contacts or crane bearers isolated from ground. In some cases, it is also possible to communicate over signal lines (4-20mA transducers lines). Two models are produced: for group 19" rack mounting, or individual mounting in DIN 35mm-rail enclosure, wall-mounted or bench type.


IDM100 FSK modem is used for interconnecting distant sites over 2W lines in industrial environment:
  • Interconnecting PLCs and SCADA terminals;
  • Connecting registration and alarm terminals to server;
  • Data transfer over existing signaling lines (4-20mA);
  • Interconnecting personal computers.
  • Communication


    Line type

    2W 150Ω balanced

    Line connector

    RJ-11 and disjoinable screw clamp

    Distance range

    Up to 6km full-duplex or 8km semi-duplex over 0.6mm conductors


    Narrow band frequency shift keying (FSK), 100kHz/150kHz

    Operating mode



    Transparent from DC to 9600 bps

    DTE interface

    RS-232, DB9F (female)



    LED indication

    PWR, TX, RX, CD

    Power Supply

    9-18 VDC, Mod. IDM 100-12
    18-36 VDC, Mod. IDM 100-24
    36-75 VDC, Mod. IDM 100-48

    Supply connector

    Disjoinable screw clamp


    Transformer up to 1500V

    Overvoltage line protection

    Gas arrester

    Operating temperature

    0 to +60 C


    DIN rail 35mm or 3HE reck

     120VAC Models Available through DCE



    IDM 100-xx-R

    Reck 19" model: PCB EUROPE format 160x100mm 3HE, 6T

    IDM 100-xx-D

    Desk or DIN35mm model: aluminum enclosure 112x30x170mm

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