Data Connect Acquires Exclusive Rights
to Manufacture and Market

GDI Global Data / Starcomm Products

Data Connect Enterprise, Inc, of Olney, Maryland is pleased to announce that it has officially acquired from GDI Global Data / Starcomm the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute all GDI Global Data / Starcomm brand products and all products utilizing the GDI Global Data / Starcomm Intellectual property. With a large inventory of finished goods on hand, and production plans well underway, Data Connect is able to swiftly satisfy most requirements for these products formerly produced by Telenetics.

Letter from GDI to DCE

Data Connect has been in the business of providing a wide variety of popular networking and communications solutions since 1989. The company has been involved with Motorola, Telenetics, Starcomm, UDS and Codex since its infancy and is one of the foremost experts in the technology of these companies.

Data Connect has championed and facilitated the availability and continued production of the GDI Global Data / Starcomm transmission products for many years.

This acquisition will not affect pricing. There may be some delays in the availability of certain products. Most products are currently in our inventory for immediate delivery. Please contact us if there is any confusion about this acquisition or how to get legally manufactured product

In the coming weeks we will be announcing other exciting product and technology acquisitions related to networking and communications distribution and manufacturing. For more information please contact Data Connect at 301-924-7400.

We look forward to serving your needs.

Letter from GDI to DCE