DCE maintains numerous manufacturer and technical certifications and authorizations in order to insure the highest level of technical competence in many different disciplines of networking and communications.  This includes certifications related to many different and often competing technologies.  Certifications are held by all our engineers as well as the majority of our sales staff.   

Our commitment to technical training, certification, applications knowledge and product knowledge allows us to offer our clients the benefit of our applications and solutions experience, and it enables us to know alternative solutions well enough to make sound network recommendations to our clients.   This effort has resulted in numerous recognitions and awards.   

Below is a sampling of the certifications, authorizations, and awards that DCE has been granted since starting the business in 1989: 


3Com                                                      Authorized Focus Partner

3Com                                                      3STAR Sales Certification

ADC                                                       Authorized Value Added Reseller

ADC/Kentrox                                         Reseller

Adtran                                                     Certified Premier Access Partner

Adtran                                                     Certified Access Partner

Adtran                                                     Certification of Achievement ? Technical Certification

Adtran                                                     Reserve Product Certification of Achievement Award

Adtran                                                     Tracer Wireless Certification

Adtran                                                     Enterprise Networks Certification

AMP                                                       Certification ? Fiber Optic Theory & Termination

American Power (APC)                          Power Reseller

Black Box                                                Authorized Channel Partner

BridgeWave                                             Wireless Reseller

Cabletron                                                 Reseller

Canoga Perkins                                       Certified Reseller

Canopy Networks/Motorola                  Wireless Reseller

Carrier Access                                         Authorized Partner

Carrier Access                                         Certified CarriedAway Partner

Carrier Access                                         Authorized Partner

Checkpoint                                             Security Reseller

Cisco                                                       Certified Premier Partner

Cisco                                                       Certification ? Sales Expert Small to Medium Business Solutions

Cisco                                                       Certified Sales Experts (CSE)

Cisco                                                       Acknowledged Cisco Reseller

Cisco                                                       Authorized Sales Associate

Codex/Motorola                                      Authorized Partner

Compaq/Microcom                                 Authorized Distributor

Computer Associates (CA)                    CA Authorized Channel Partner

Ctek                                                        OEM Authorized Distributor

Cylix                                                       Authorized Distributor

D-Link                                                    Reseller

DataComm for Business (DCB)             Authorized Reseller

Dell                                                         Authorized VAR Partner

Digi International                                    Reseller

Exabyte                                                   Reseller

Extreme Networks                                 Authorized Channel Partner

Extron                                                     Certificate of Completion ? Video Matrix Intensive Quality Assurance

FibroLan                                                 Authorized Distributor

GarrettCom                                             Reseller

General DataComm (GDC)                    Certified Premier Distributor

General DataComm                                Accredited Reseller

Hewlett Packard (HP)                            HP Procurve Certified

Hughes LAN Systems                            Super-Networking Certification

IBM                                                        Small and Medium Business Solutions Specialists

Ingram Micro                                          Authorized Premier VAR

Intel                                                         Authorized Processor Dealer

Juniper Networks                                   Reseller

Kazcom                                                   Networking Certificate - Wireless Networking

Kentrox/ADC                                         Reseller

Larscom                                                  Reseller

Linksys                                                   Reseller

Loop Telecom                                         Authorized US Partner

Madge                                                     Reseller

Maxtor                                                    Reseller

Merisel                                                    Executive Vantage VAR

Microcom/Compaq                                 Authorized Distributor

Microsoft                                                Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Mitsubishi                                              Authorized Reseller

Motorola/UDS                                        Authorized Distributor

Motorola /UDS                                       Technical Certificate Essentials & Designing Networks

Motorola/Codex                                      Authorized Partner

Motorola/Codex                                      Technical Achievement Certificate IBM/SNA

Motorola Information Systems              Technology Certification

Motorola Information Systems              Advanced Engineer for Network Designers

Motorola Information Systems              MAPP/X Certified

Motorola Information Systems              Technical Tutorial

Motorola Information Systems              Sales Certification

Motorola Information Systems              Digital Access 925 Certification

Motorola Information Systems              65XX Network Designer

Motorola Internet & Networking           Certified Design Engineer

Motorola Internet & Networking           Certified Vanguard Networks

Motorola Internet & Networking           Technical Achievement, Millennium Essentials

Motorola Internet & Networking           Technical Achievement, Multimedia Networks

Motorola University                              Prerequisite Certification

Motorola University                              Motorola Digital Access 925 Technical Tutorial

Motorola University                              Motorola Sales & Marketing Guide

Motorola University                              VG/65xx Certification (X.25, VoIP and VoFR)

Motorola University                              Pre-Sales Certification

Moxa                                                       Reseller

Multitech                                                Authorized Channel Partner

Multitech                                                VoIP Authorized Optimum Reseller

Nbase                                                      Reseller

NEC                                                        Reseller

Netgear                                                    Reseller

Nortel                                                      Reseller

Novell                                                     Reseller

Nuera                                                      Certified VAR

Okidata                                                   Authorized Reseller

Panasonic                                                Reseller

Paradyne                                                 Certified Reseller

Patton Electronics                                   Master Stocking Distributor

Patton Electronics                                   Authorized US Reseller

Penril DataComm Networks (Nortel)    Authorized Distributor

Penril (Nortel)                                         Network Products Certification - Internetworking and WAN Solutions

Proxim                                                     Silver Certified Wireless Distributor

Quick Eagle                                             Authorized Partner

Racal DataComm                                    Authorized Distributor

RAD                                                       Product Certification - TDM

RAD                                                       Product Certification - Kilomux, Megaplex, DXC and IMX

Seagate                                                    Reseller

Samsung                                                  Reseller

Sprint Cellular                                         Authorized Service Provider

Southwest Microwave                            Certification ? Microwave Communications

Southwest Microwave                            Certificate- Wireless Networks

SUN                                                        Authorized SUN Reseller

Sync Research                                         Reseller

Sonicwall                                                 Reseller

Starcomm                                                Authorized Master Stocking Distributor

Symantec                                                Reseller

Telebit                                                     Distributor Appreciation Award

Toshiba                                                   Reseller

Tylink                                                     Value Added Reseller

UDS/Motorola                                        Authorized Distributor

US Robotics                                            Gold Systems Partner

Vanguard Managed Services                   Authorized Partner

Verilink                                                   Reseller

Visual                                                      AccountMate Certification

Viewsonic                                               Reseller

Watch Guard                                           Reseller

Western Datacom                                   Certified Key Partner

Western Telematics                                Authorized Wireless Partner

Xerox                                                      Reseller

Xylan                                                      Reseller

Zypcom                                                  Authorized VAR



Fossler                                                    Certificate of Achievement Award

Fujitsu                                                     Certificate of Accomplishment for Distributors

General DataComm                                Top Premier Distributor Award

General DataComm                                Over the Top Achievement Award

General DataComm                                Outstanding Accomplishment Premier Recognition Award

General DataComm                                Outstanding Accomplishment Premier Distributor Award

General DataComm                                Outstanding Achievement Over the Top Award

General DataComm                                Outstanding Achievement Top Premier Distributor Award

General DataComm                                Outstanding Achievement $1,000,000.00 Sales Award

Motorola                                                 150% Over Achievement Award

Motorola                                                 100% Over Achievement Award

Motorola ISG                                         Achievement Award  -Technology Certification

Motorola ISG                                         Achievement Award - Advanced Engineer for Network Designers

Motorola ISG                                         Achievement Award ? MAPP/X Certified

Motorola ISG                                         Achievement Award - Technical Tutorial

Motorola ISG                                        Achievement Award  -Sales Certification

Motorola ISG                                         Achievement Award  - Digital Access 925 Certification

Motorola Information Systems Group Achievement Award  - 65XX Network Designer

Patton Electronics                                   Distributor of the Year Award

Telebit                                                     Distributor Appreciation Award


AFCEA                                                   Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association Member

BICSI                                                      Active Member

CoVAR                                                   Coalition of Value Added Resellers Member

FCC                                                        Amateur Service Extra Class Licensee Holder

General DataComm                                Reseller Advisor Council Member

General DataComm                                Reseller Advisor Council ? Council Chairman

IEEE                                                        Communications Society Member

IDCSA                                                    International Data Communications Suppliers Association Member

IDCSA                                                    International Data Communications Suppliers Association Policy Committee