DCB D-Series Dial-up Modem
DC power Industrial Dial-up Modem

  • Metal enclosure, stand alone or rack mounting
  • Industrial temperature rating (-30 to +70C)
  • Two-wire dial-up modem
  • 56 K (V.90) modem
  • DB-25 serial asynchronous interface
  • LEDs for Power, TxD, RxD, DTR, DCD
  • Ideal for remote data collection applications, SCADA, back-up links, and remote controls.
  • Powered by 9,12,24,-48 VDC, or 120/240 VAC (external wall mount AC supply standard)

1-301-924-7400 ext. 17



The D-Series is an industrial dial-up 56 Kbps V.90 modem. The modem can be powered with an external wall mount power supply, or can be powered by a 12, 24, or -48 volt dc supply. A rack front is available for the metal case, so it can be easily rack mounted with one, two or three modems per 1U rack height.

Applications for the D-Series modems include those industrial strength applications where a rack mounting is required. a metal enclosure is required, or where the power source available is DC, rather than an AC wall outlet. It is ideal for telco installation, SCADA remote sites, or ISP POP locations.

These are not repackaged consumer grade modems. Designed from the ground up for our industrial customers, they are also more reliable on marginal phone lines than commonly used "retail store" modems.  



Meets V.90 Standard

Indicators (front panel)




Rear View of D Series Modem

Part #

D-V.90 V.90 Modem (V.90)
D-Series Special Power Supply Options
Rack-1 1U Rack Mount Bezel
Rack-3 1U 3-unit Rack Mount
Call Optional Power Supplies in place of standard 120 Vac power supply

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