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Flexible and Reliable Cellular Modem Devices from Data Remote

DataRemote?s flexible cellular modem wireless data solutions eliminate communications barriers caused by physical distance, cost-constraints, legacy equipment issues and remote system complexities. DataRemote has developed the most efficient, innovative cellular modems in the industry and can tailor a solution to the unique business needs of a diverse group of end users.


  • AMR

  • Remote Data logger

  • RTU's

  • GPS

  • AVL

  • Telco Back Up

  • Works Just like a Land Line Modem

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DataRemote CDS-9022 CDMA Modem

The CDS-9022 is DataRemote?s flagship cellular modem, leading the product line since 1991?a rugged, UL-listed unit that works on any CDMA, PCS or analog network, this device is remotely programmable and can make outbound data and voice calls to three pre-programmed phone numbers. Worldwide users include large utility companies and Departments of Transportation to monitor .....



DataRemote CDS-9060/G CDMA Modem

This modem supports CDMA 1XRTT, SMS, circuit-switch and analog cellular, and was designed to work ?smart? by doing most of its processing offline and sending data at user-defined intervals......





DataRemote CDS-9060 (M) CDMA Modem

A reliable and cost-effective solution for remote meter reading and data communications applications. Switches from CDMA to analog mode automatically and supports static as well as dynamic IP addresses.



DataRemote CDS-9060M-T/R Cellular Modem

The CDS-9060M-T/R allows any meter or terminal with an RJ11 jack to join the digital age, while eliminating the need for costly upgrades to legacy equipment. This cellular modem features the added convenience of static IP, WLL and a full five REN (ringing equivalent number) circuit?all with the simplicity of plugging into a wall jack.



DataRemoteGDS-3282 Cellular Modem

The unique GDS-3282 cellular modem has the ability to communicate remotely to both dynamic and static IPs with configurable inputs and outputs, so users can know both where their vehicle is and what it is doing. It has the same menu configuration as other DataRemote products and features cry-out alarms for SMS while still boasting extremely low power consumption.



CDMA Modems with analog capability?

When you're not sure if you will have CDMA coverage at your remote site, think DataRemote Cellular Modems. Did you know that we are the only CDMA Modem Manufacturer that provides fallback to analog capability when CDMA Coverage is not available.


Cellular Modems for your Remote Data Applications!

Cellular Modems from DataRemote, Inc. have consistently been at the forefront of cellular data transmission technology since 1991. Our self-contained CDMA, GPRS cellular, PCS and analog Cellular Modems have been successfully deployed across diverse applications including automatic meter reading (AMR) remote telemetry, SCADA, automatic vehicle location (AVL) and remote point of sale (POS). And as one of the first companies to design, build and market cellular modems that operate on CDMA and PCS networks, we use cutting-edge technology to tailor our solutions to the individual needs of our customers.
Our cellular modems and other real-time technologies provide communication capabilities that are cost-effective, flexible and efficient. Plus, not only do we provide these outstanding cellular modem solutions, but we back them up with the most reliable, skilled technical support in the industry.

CDMA Modems: Forward and Backward Compatibility

Our CDMA Modems allow for communication over the rapidly expanding CDMA network, can bridge the gap between old technology and new with support for both circuit-switched and 1XRTT packet-switched services with broad approval on cellular carriers worldwide.


GPRS Modems: Quad Band Frequency Solutions

Long known for developing quality cellular devices that communicate over the CDMA/1XRTT network, DataRemote has expanded its products into new markets in China, Japan and Europe, providing affordable GPRS communication options in countless other emerging markets in areas that operate solely within the GSM,GPRS data network.