Canoga Perkins PR80A
Tunable Amplifier

Canoga Perkins PR80A Tunable Amplifier

Model PR80A Tunable Amplifier is used to locate cable trouble and identify pairs. Compatible with most popular tone generators, the PR80A enables craftsmen to tune to the exact frequency of the tone sent, facilitating tone identification.  When the PR80A is tuned to the precise frequency of the tone, it virtually eliminates undesirable power noise such as 60Hz power harmonics.  In either probing or coiling operations, the PR80A can be tuned to signals in a frequency range of from 300 to approximately 1000Hz. Coarse and fine tuning is performed
by simple knob adjustments. Precise tuning is critical because it enables the receiver
to filter out unwanted signals that have a closely related frequency.  Most tone generators have a nominal frequency rating that actually produces a signal with a 10% variance. As a result, these amplifiers receive a relatively wide fixed band of signals. This means that the entire bandwidth, containing both signal and noise, is amplified.  The PR80A solves this problem by permitting exact tuning to the desired signal. It provides the flexibility necessary to match the generator while filtering out undesired signals. 

Coiling and Probing Operations

The PR80A can be used with most popular hand or polemounted coils to locate defective cable pairs in OSP cables. It is especially effective with the Canoga-Perkins Model PR1620 Hand Coil and Models PR421/527 polemounted coils.  Because the PR80A uses a threshold level which must be exceeded to receive tone, it provides an improved  method for identifying conductors in cable (probing).  The PR80A is powered by six Type AA batteries.  Approximate battery life is in excess of 100 hours. A leather strap is provided for hands-free operation.

PR85 Amplifier Kit

Optional accessories include a PR81 Probe, a PR82 Headset (single receiver) and a PR83 Carrying Case. The  carrying case is constructed of heavy duty Styrene plastic and will accommodate the PR80A, PR81 and PR82.  Accessories may be ordered individually or as a complete set (includes the PR80A Amplifier). Use number PR85 when ordering the complete set.

Canoga Perkins PR80A Tunable Amplifier

Tunable to the Precise Frequency of the Tone Generator to Eliminate Noise
Receives Tones from 300Hz to 1000Hz
Usable With Headset or Internal Speaker
Enables Fast Identification
Rugged, Lightweight
Weight: 1 3/8 lbs.
Dimensions: 7 x 3 3/4 x 1 7/8

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