Canoga Perkins P400  Cable Identification Kit

Canoga Perkins P400
Cable Identification Kit

Cable Identification Kits enable OSP craftsmen to record cable number and pair count information on the tags for future changes or new installations. Each kit includes 100
tags, ties and a marking pen. 

Color coding may be used for primary identification, such as T-Carrier cable, or may be supplemented by written information. Tags can also be used to identify load coils, vault cables, building terminals, or Central Office equipment.  Identification tags are available in four highly visible colors (white, red, blue and yellow). Made of high impact ABS plastic for durability and long life, the tags measure 2 x 2 1/2 x .4.  Self-locking ties mount the tags on the cable.

Applied either by hand or conventional tools, the ties are 14 1/4 long and may be used on cables up to 4 in diameter. The permanent black ink in the marking pen is quick drying and will resist the adverse effects of water and ultraviolet light almost indefinitely.

The Canoga-Perkins Cable Identification Kit comes standard in a sturdy, compact box for convenient storage.  Additional pens can be ordered in packages of 10. 

How to Order
Choose one color from the chart below and use the corresponding identification number to order the complete kit:

P400B Blue
P400R Red
P400W White
P400Y Yellow

Canoga Perkins P400 Cable Identification Kit

Waterproof, Quick Dry Ink
Blue, Red, White and Yellow
Virtually Indestructible
Enables Easy Identification


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