Canoga Perkins L322
 Fiber to Fast Ethernet Media Converter


The L322 is a managed UTP to Fiber Fast Ethernet Media Converter. It extends 100BASE-T UTP segments up to 120km over Single Mode fiber. It is designed for installation into Canoga Perkins Carrier Class UCS chassis, and is also available as a standalone for desktop or wall mount installations. The L322 is an IEEE 802.3 compliant device available with a variety of Multimode and Single Mode optics options to address a complete spectrum of LAN extension applications. It is NEBS level 3 compliant and provides an extremely reliable, yet cost effective solution suitable for the most stringent network deployments. Through user selectable Link Loss Forwarding, Remote Fault, and Canoga Perkins unique Link Loss Echo features, the L322 reliably facilitates the detection, isolation, and reporting of problems. A set of front panel LEDs provide the network manager visual status on the state of the device and the entire link. The L322 supports SNMP and Telnet Management using the EdgeAccess® Domain Management Module (DMM) capable of managing up to 240 modules using a single IP address. The user may monitor activities through the use of the Command Line Interface (CLI) included with the L322 or by using CanogaView, a graphics based Network Element Manager.




IEEE 802.3 100Base-Tx Compliant

100Mbps Fast Ethernet Extension up to 120km

Support for Multimode and Single Mode Fiber

Available with Single Fiber and CWDM Interfaces

Standalone and Rackmount for EdgeAccess®


User-Selectable Link Loss Forwarding, Remote Fault, and Link Loss

Echo for Fault Detection, Isolation, and Reporting

Front Panel LEDs for Visual Status

Supports SNMP Through Domain Management Module

Hot Swappable and Field Replaceable in all Supported Platforms

Graphics Based Management for Monitoring and Setup

NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified



L322-xxxx UTP to Fiber Fast Ethernet Media Converter w/ RJ45

Fiber Optic Options

L322-1213 100Mbps 1310nm MM w/SC, 11db

L322-1313 100Mbps 1310nm SM w/SC, 10db

L322-1333 100Mbps 1310nm SM w/SC, 26db

L322-1843 100Mbps 1550nm SM w/SC, 30db



UTP to Single Fiber Fast Ethernet

Media Converter , RJ45

Fiber Optic Options

Must Use in Pairs (1310nm/1550nm)

L322-1354 Single Fiber, SC, 100Mbps 1310nm SM, Up to 20km

L322-1564 Single Fiber, SC, 100Mbps 1550nm SM, Up to 20km

L322-1374 Single Fiber, SC, 100Mbps 1310nm SM, Up to 40km

L322-1584 Single Fiber, SC, 100Mbps 1550nm SM, Up to 40km



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