Two LAN Extension Products  in 5U 1230 Device

100 BASE-T To Fiber
Media Converter
Model L321
LAN Extension Standalone Device


  • Full Duplex 100Mbps Ethernet Operation up to 120km
  • Support for 1310nm, and 1550nm Optics
  • Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Optic Media Support
  • Stand Alone Enclosure and Rackmount for UCS 1000 / 1001 / 1002
  • Side-Band Link Management with UCS Domain Management Module
  • VT-100 Support for Point-to-Point Applications
  • Link Loss Forwarding and Remote Fault Alarms
  • Remote and Local User Port Interface Status
  • Modular, Hot Swappable, and Field  Interchangeable
  • Normal/Crossover Switch
  • NEBS Level 3 Compliant


The L321 is a managed UTP-to-Fiber Media Converter. It extends 100BASE-T UTP segments with fiber optic cable. The L321 extends the interconnection between switches or stations up to 120km.

The L321 is especially suited for the long-distance extension of Full Duplex LAN segments. It supports 1310nm MM/SM, and 1550nm SM optics, and works with all popular sizes of single mode and multimode fiber optic cables.

The L321 features management capabilities via Side-Band Management Channel (SBMC) independent of customer data (See table below). This user-enabled channel enables the exchange of status and commands between the local and remote link partners

A Link Loss Forwarding (LLF) fiber break propagation feature allows optical signal loss at the receiver to be detected as a UTP
port management agent.

Primary application is the interconnection of 100Mbps Enterprise Switches and Service Provider Backbone Networks, using the fiber optic based, SNMP manageable Universal Chassis System (UCS). Within the UCS platform, the L321 addresses the Service Providers' requirements for Transparent LAN Services across a widely dispersed customer environment, and physical plant.

Typical Application

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