Canoga Perkins 9135
10/100 Base-TX/FX Two-port Switch

 CanogaModel 9135
10/100 Base-TX/FX Two-port Switch

The Model 9135 Two-port EdgeAccess® Switch is a 100BASE-TX/FX compliant Fast Ethernet device that supports native 10Mbps and 100Mbps, Ethernet LAN Extension circuits. It is designed to provide a smooth transition from 10Mbps to 100Mbps through its hotswappable copper and fiber optic interfaces.  The primary application of the 9135 Two-port Switch is  as a demarcation device, terminating 10Mbps or 100Mbps  fiber optic LAN Extension circuits at the customer premises with optional SNMP management and a choice of customer  interfaces.  The 9135 can also be used in conjunction with the Canoga Perkins 8829 10Mbps or 9119 100Mbps standalone or rack-mounted media converters. This would satisfy almost any Ethernet or fast Ethernet application at distances of 100km or more.  As an intelligent edge device, the 9135 Two-port Switch supports SNMP network management applications such as OpenView™ and SunNet Manager™ as well as configurations, statistics, and alarms via a built-in web server. It also supports out-of-band management via individual terminal and modem serial ports.

FEATURES OF Canoga Perkins 9135 10/100 Base-TX/FX Two-port Switch

Two Hot-swappable, Field Upgradable, 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switched Ports
Wide Selection of Local, Campus, and Extended Distance
10Mbps and 100Mbps Optical Interfaces
Support for 850nm Multimode, 1310nm Multimode and Single Mode, and 1550nm Single Mode Wavelengths
Both Ports Support Half and Full-duplex Operation with Wire Speed Throughput
Fixed or Auto-negotiable 10/100Mbps 100BASE-TX Interface
Performs Wavelength, Speed and Media Conversions
Hot-swappable, SNMP Manager Module with Built-in Web Server
In-band Management Support Includes SNMP Agents, Telnet Remote Terminal, and TFTP File Transfers
Out-of-band Management Support Includes VT100 Terminal and Serial IP (SLIP)
Manager Module Provides Both EIA-232 DTE and EIA-232 DCE Serial Com Ports with DE-9 Connectors
Dual Flash EEPROM for In-band TFTP Software Upgrades

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