Canoga Perkins 3320 SDI Digital Video Extenders 

Canoga Perkins 3320 Series of SDI Digital Video Extenders Wave Division Multiplexing (WWDM), LAN/SAN Extension, Video Conference and Fiber Optic Data Extenders-Single Mode and Multi Mode Models Available

Canoga 3321 Transmitter, Canoga 3322 Receiver

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Canoga Perkins 3320 Series of SDI Digital Video Extenders provides high performance extension of SMPTE SDI Digital
Video on standard multimode and single mode optical fiber. Data rates from 143Mbps to 360Mbps are
transparently supported. The 3320 Series repeats the electrical SMPTE SDI signal onto the optical fiber without
the use of encapsulation or additional encoding. This transports the native datastream short, medium and long

The 3320 Series extends SMPTE SDI from 0km to 5km on multimode fiber and from 0km to over 100km on single
mode fiber. Canoga Perkins' 30 years of designing and building fiber optic communications systems for the
demanding military and telephone company applications produces high performance flexible products.

The 3320 Series is available with standard 1310nm and 1550nm optics. Also available are specific wavelengths
for WWDM Wave Division Multiplexing Systems, like Canoga Perkins 6004 WWDM System.

The 3320 Series is a member of Canoga Perkins' Universal Chassis System, a managed platform for multiple
technologies including Wave Division Multiplexing, LAN/SAN Extension, and Fiber Optic Data Extenders.
3320 Series Transmitters and Receivers mount in UCS1000 Chassis and 6100 Standalone Enclosures.

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