Canoga Perkins 3260 DS-3 Video Multiplexer

Canoga Perkins 3260
DS-3 Video Multiplexer

The Canoga Perkinís Model 3260 DS-3 Video Multiplexer is a four channel DS-3 CSU/DSU combining four highspeed EIA RS-530 channels onto an M13 or C-Bit framed T-3 signal.

The Model 3260 supports channel speeds of up to 15 Mbps, making it ideal for transport of multiple services, including IP, Video, ATM, and others. The 3260ís four channels allow multiple users to share the T-3 Line costs between applications. The channels high speed provides economical and flexible transport of bandwidth hungry applications like IP and Video.

When combined with Canoga Perkinsí 3340 Series MPEG2 CODECs, high quality video for broadcast and video conferencing applications is supported.

The output of the Model 3260 can be extended on optical fiber using Canoga Perkinsí 2345 or 2346 DS-3 Fiber Optic Modems. The 2345ís and 2346ís optics are available in a variety of wavelengths and power with distance extensions of 100
km supported.

Canoga Perkins 3260 DS-3 Video Multiplexer

DS-3 Output Signal, Network Compatible
Single Wide Module
Four High Speed RS-530 Channels
M13 and C-Bit Parity Framing
Management Port
Rackmount and Standalone Versions
Channels Data Rates to 15 Mbps


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