Canoga Perkins 3240M
E1/T1 Fiber Optic Multiplexer

 Canoga Model 3240M
E1/T1 Fiber Optic Multiplexer

The Canoga Perkins Model 3240M Fiber Optic Multiplexer is the most versatile and dependable multiplexer on the market today. No other product of its kind can compare with the 3240M for fault tolerance and reliability. SNMP management allows the 3240M to maximize network uptime and control.  The 3240M extends Sync and/or Async, G.703 compliant E1 and T1 circuits over fiber in point-to-point configurations.  Distances up to 90km can be achieved utilizing extended distance optics, or economical multimode LED optics may be sufficient for shorter distance requirements. Modular I/O modules enable the user to grow the network as needed, while optional redundant power and optics guarantee the highest level of reliability available.  An optional field installable SNMP module enables the network manager to monitor, configure, test, and track performance of the system and individual channels. This feature rich management module enables the network manager to detect, troubleshoot and correct problems in a timely manner. Functions such as reconfiguration of an individual channel line coding is a simple and easy remote function. Training and ramp-up time is minimal. Even software updates are easily accomplished via a remote connection utilizing TFTP over the serial connection or in band Ethernet to flash memory.

FEATURES OF Canoga Model 3240M  E1/T1 Fiber Optic Multiplexer

E1/T1 Modules
Sync/Async Modules
SNMP Management with Enterprise MIB
Redundant AC/DC Power
Multimode or Single Mode Optics
Redundant Optics
Hot-swappable I/O Modules
Four or Eight T1 Channels
Three or Six E1 Channels
Up to 144 Async Channels
Up to 64 Sync Channels
Up to 16 MDS0 Channels
10BASE-T and EIA-232 Management Interfaces
Management Module Supports SLIP, TFTP, TELNET

3240M T1/E1Manageable Fiber Optic Multiplexer
3240-BU-01-X-M    850nm, MM, 15dB, LED, ST
3240-BU-21-X-M    850nm, MM, 15dB, redundant LED, ST
3240-BU-16-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 13dB,  Laser, ST
3240-BU-36-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 13dB, redundant  Laser, ST
3240-BU-17-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 13dB,  Laser, FC/PC
3240-BU-37-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 13dB, redundant  Laser, FC/PC
3240-BU-11-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 23dB,  Laser, ST
3240-BU-31-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 23dB, redundant  Laser, ST
3240-BU-13-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 23dB,  Laser, FC/PC
3240-BU-33-X-M    1310nm, *SM/MM, 23dB, redundant  Laser, FC/PC
3240-BU-19-X-M    1480nm, SM, 23dB,  Laser, ST
3240-BU-15-X-M    1543nm, SM, 23dB,  Laser, ST
3240-BU-12-X-M    1550nm, SM, 23dB,  Laser, ST
   1550nm, SM, 23dB, redundant  Laser, ST
   1 -90/264 VAC Autoranging
   4 -48V  DC
   7 -90/264 VAC / REDUNDANT
The loss budgets listed are guaranteed.  Typical loss budgets are 2dB greater.  
3240-IO-NMS Management Module, SNMP T/Slip/Console
 3240-IO-T1X-000-M  4 CHAN 1.544 T1/DA 15
 3240-IO-T1X-R48-M  4 CHAN 1.544 T1/RJ48C
 3240-IO-E1X-BNC-M  3 CHAN 2.048 E1,  BNC, 75 ohm
 3240-IO-E1X-D15-M  3 CHAN 2.048 E1/DA15, 120 ohm
 3240-IO-E1X-V35-M  3 CHAN 2.048 E1/V.35 w/DB25, 
 3240-IO-SYN-123  16 Channel SYNC/50 PIN
 3240-IO-ASY-000   36 Channel ASYNC/50 Pin
 3240-IO- MDS-V35  4 Channel  V.35/MRC34 Maximun Rate per Channel is 768.0K
 3240-IO-MDS-422  4 Channel EIA422/MRC34 Maximum Rate per Channel is 768.0K
 3240-IO-T1-V35  4 Channel 1.544 V.35/MRC 34*
*Formerly Model Number 3240-IO-V35-0000

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