Canoga Perkins 2345 Fiber optic modem
Optically extends T3 DS3

Canoga Perkins 2345 Fiber Optic modem for T3 and DS3 extensions
Optically Extend T3/DS3 Up To 100km

 Canoga Perkins 2345
T3 DS3 Fiber modem  

This product is the solution that problem of the Telco Demark in the wrong place or even the wrong building.
When you need to tie building communications together at the T3 - DS3 level
the 2346 DS3 Fiber Optic modems will let you extend out to 100KM.

 Canoga Perkins 2345 DS3
Fiber modem

  • Optically Extends T3/DS3 Up To 100km

  • Single Mode and Multimode Fiber

  • Performance Monitoring Per ITU-G.826 and RFC2496

  • Supports B3ZS Line Coding and AMI Pulse Coding

  • Supports M13 and C-bit Parity Framing Formats

  • Transparent; Passes FDL and FEAC Overhead Bits

  • VT100, SLIP, PPP, and SNMP Management Support

  • End-to-End Side-band Management

  • Modular With Hot-swappable and Field Replaceable OLIMs

  • Features Optical and Full Modem Redundancy Options

  • Local and Remote Loopback Diagnostics

  • Input and Output Alarm Relays

  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified

The EdgeAccess? Canoga Perkins 2345 Fiber modem is an SNMP managed multi-featured fiber optic modem that optically extends standard T3/DS3 (44.736Mbps) over single mode or multimode fiber optic cable. It is designed to enable Service Providers, Carriers, Government, Military and Corporate Enterprise to expand the capabilities of their existing data communications infrastructure. The 2345 transports any B3ZS coded, framed data stream and provides a transparent link extension when transporting C-bit Parity and M13 framed signals. It is available as a standalone and as a rack-mount card with modular, hot-swappable, and interchangeable Optical Line Interface Modules (OLIM). The rack-mounted card is part of the Universal Chassis System (UCS). SNMP support is available for both the rack-mount and the standalone versions with end-to-end monitoring and configuration facilitated via the Side-band Management Channel. The network manager can gather statistics and link information from the remote end. Software upgrades can be downloaded remotely.

To reduce critical circuit downtime, fiber path and full hardware modem redundancy options are available. In each option, failure in the primary causes an automatic  switchover to the secondary fiber link. The 2345 is ideal for extending T3 from the telco demarcation point and WAN, as well as extending interconnection between T3 multiplexers. For applications that require multiple modems, refer to the Universal Chassis System (UCS) data sheet.

Specifications for the 2345 DS3 Fiber Optic modem

Status (STA), Configuration (CFG), Composite
Loss of Sync (CLS), Test/Loopback (TST),
Loss Of Sync (LOS), Local Pattern String (AIS),
Optical Signal Quality Level (SQL)

Recessed Reset (Standalone and Rackmount)
Loopback and Console (Standalone)

Dry Contact Output and Alarm Input (Both)
Alarm Input (Standalone)

Fiber Path or Full Modem

1.7"H x 8.5"W x 11.5"D
(44 x 215 x 292mm)
1.0"H x 7.9"W x 10.4"D
(25 x 201 x 264mm)


Standalone 3.2 lbs (1.45kg)
Rackmount 1.2 lbs (0.54kg)

90 to 275VAC, 47 to 63Hz Auto-ranging, 10W Max.
38 to 72VDC, 9.1W Max.
10W Max. (See UCS 1000 Specifications)

0? to 50?C
Up to 95% (Noncondensing)

BNC 75 ohm Unbalanced

ST 850nm LED
ST, SC, FC/PC 1310nm/1550nm Laser

Local Terminal (VT100)
SNMP Through Dial-in for Standalone
SNMP Through UCS for Rackmount


Canoga Perkins 2345 DS3 Fiber modem
optically extends T3 DS3 over single mode fiber


Canoga Perkins Products

EdgeAccess? 2345 T3 DS3 Fiber Optic Modem
Base Unit Including Electrical Interface (requires L123 or L122 OLIM)  
2345-2000 Rack mount for Chassis installation
2345-1100 Standalone with SNMP, 120-240 VAC power supply
2345-1400 Standalone with SNMP, -48 VDC power supply
Optical Line Interface (OLIM)  
L123-1321 1310 nm Laser, SM/MM*, 17dB, ST connector
L123-1322 1310nm Laser, SM/MM*, 17dB, FC/PC connector
L123-1324 1310nm Laser, SM/MM*, 17dB, SC connector
L123-1331 1310nm Laser, SM/MM*, 26dB, ST connector
L123-1332 1310nm Laser, SM/MM*, 26dB, FC/PC connector
L123-1334 1310nm Laser, SM/MM*, 26dB, SC connector
L123-1531 1550nm Laser, SM, 26dB, ST connector
L123-1532 1550nm Laser, SM, 26dB, FC/PC connector
L123-1534 1550nm Laser, SM, 26dB, SC connector
Dual Path-Redundancy OLIM (for redundant path configurations only; not required for full modem redundancy)  
L122-1321 Redundant, 1310nm  Laser, SM/MM, 17dB, ST connector
L122-1322 Redundant, 1310nm Laser, SM/MM, 17dB, FC/PC connector
L122-1324 Redundant, 1310nm Laser, SM/MM, 17dB, SC connector
L122-1331 Redundant, 1310nm Laser, SM/MM, 26dB, ST connector
L122-1332 Redundant, 1310nm Laser, SM/MM, 26dB, FC/PC connector
L122-1334 Redundant, 1310nm Laser, SM/MM, 26dB, SC connector
L122-1531 Redundant, 1550nm Laser, SM, 26dB, ST connector
L122-1532 Redundant, 1550nm Laser, SM, 26dB, FC/PC connector
L122-1534 Redundant, 1550nm Laser, SM, 26dB, SC connector
Rack Adapters for standalone modems
A001-9001 19" Rack Mount Kit for single  modem
A001-9002 23" Rack Mount Kit for single  modem
A001-9003 19" Rack Mount Kit for 2 side-by-side  modems
A001-9004 23" Rack Mount Kit for 2 side-by-side  modems
A001-9005 Wall Mount Kit
C002-000 BNC "Y" Cable for Full Modem Redundancy
C001-000 Cable for Redundant Standalone Modems
SPARE USER MANUAL for Model 2345