Adtran Internet Security Appliances

Adtran Internet Security Appliances

ADTRAN stateful inspection firewalls address security issues over IP-based networks, providing a stringent line of defense against unauthorized external cyber attacks. Available as an integral feature in ADTRAN’s NetVanta 2000 VPN/Internet Security Series, NetVanta IAD Series and NetVanta 3000 Access Routing Series, the stateful inspection firewall can identify and protect against common Denial of Service (DoS) attempts like TCP syn flooding, IP spoofing, ICMP redirect, LAN attacks, ping-of-death, and IP reassembly problems. In addition to its comprehensive ability to protect against these and other exploits, the stateful inspection firewall provides session initiation control (allowing authorized traffic to pass through the firewall) and session monitoring and processing (to properly regulate NAT traffic and close inactive sessions).
NetVanta 2050  1200362L1
NetVanta 2100  1200361L2
NetVanta 2300  1200366L1
NetVanta 2300  4200366L1#10 w/ NetVanta VPN Client 10 users 
NetVanta 2400  1200367L1
NetVanta 2400  4200367L1#100 w/ NetVanta VPN Client 100 users 
NetVanta VPN Client Software 1200360L1#5 5 Users 
NetVanta VPN Client 1200360L1#10 10 Users 
NetVanta VPN Client 1200360L1#50 50 Users 
NetVanta VPN Client 1200360L1#100 100 Users 

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