Adtran Express 5000 Accessories

Adtran Express 5000 Accessories

The Express 5000 Series of remote access devices supports Frame Relay connectivity for employees working from branch locations, home offices, and other remote site locations. The Express 5110 is a Frame Relay Access Device supporting legacy protocols and LANs with a built-in 56/64K DSU/CSU and two data ports. The Express 5200 Series adds support for voice and dial backup. The Express 5210 has a single data port and a 10BaseT Ethernet port for built-in IP routing.

As Frame Relay continues to experience growth, it is becoming necessary to enhance network reliability for critical sites. Safe-T-Net is ADTRAN's technology that provides dial backup for network recovery of Frame Relay traffic. Safe-T-Net is supported in ATLAS, IQ, NetVanta 3000 series, and Express 5200 Series products.

External DCE Male DB-25 to Male V.35 Adapter Cables 1200193L1

External DCE Male DB-25 to Female V.35 Adapter Cables 1200194L1

Adtran Express 5200 Data Sheet

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