3Com Router 6000 Family

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3Com Router 6000 Family


3Com Router 6000 Family of High Performance and Fault-Tolerant Routers for the Enterprise
Modular, fault-tolerant and resilient rackmount routers for the Enterprise

3Com Router 6080
Modular, fault-tolerant and resilient rackmount router chassis equipped with eight FIC slots
3Com Part #: 3C13880

3Com Router 6040
Modular, fault-tolerant and resilient rackmount router chassis equipped with four FIC slots
3Com Part #: 3C13840

3Com Router 6000 Router Processing Unit
High Performance Routing Engine for the 3ComŽ Router 6040 or Router 6080
3Com Part #: 3C13804

3Com Router 6000 Power Supply
Redundant / backup power for the 3ComŽ Router 6000 family
3Com Part #: 3C13801

3Com Router 6000 Family
Features & Benefits

The 3ComŽ Router 6000 Family of routers offer flexible, feature-rich resilient routing, from the core to the edge, delivering WAN connectivity at competitive prices. Two models, with differing number of slots, are available.

The 3Com Router 6080 is a rackmount unit which comes equipped with eight Flexible Interface Card (FIC) slots that hold LAN and WAN interface cards for added flexibility in adapting the network to immediate and future business needs. The power supply and fan are already installed. For redundancy, dual software images are included, and a second power supply can be installed. The Router 6040 offers the same features, but with four FIC slots.

The 3Com Router Processing Unit (required, ordered separately) comes with two 10/100 LAN ports, and provides the routing functionality, with support for IP/IPX, MPLS, OSPF, RIP V1/V2, IS-IS, BGP-4 routing, QoS, Multicast, VPN, firewall, and more.


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