3Com Router 5000 Family

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3Com Router 5000 Family


3Com Router 5000 Family Overview
Full-featured IP and IPX WAN routers with modular chassis, support for VPN, and security at an affordable price

Router 5000 Features & Benefits
Affordable, high-performance, enterprise WAN access routers

The 3ComŽ Router 5000 family delivers flexible, cost-effective routing in a modular rackmount platform for the
medium enterprise to small office. A selection of Smart Interface Cards (SICs) and Multi-function Interface
Modules (MIMs), as well as Ethernet , ISDN, T1, E1, T3, E3 ATM, ADSL and serial (synchronous/asynchronous) ports,
provide scalable, efficient, and secure network operation.

These routers provide high-speed processors, support for converged voice, data, and video, and deliver advanced
security and control features. Industry standard protocols enable easy integration into your existing network.

3Com Router 5682 - Modular rackmount chassis router equipped with eight MIM slots
Part # 3C13759

3Com Router 5642 - Modular rackmount chassis router equipped with four MIM slots
Part # 3C13755

3Com Router 5232 - Modular rackmount chassis router equipped with two 10/100BASE-T ports and three MIM slots
Part # 3C13751

3Com Router 5012 - Modular rackmount chassis router equipped with one 10/100BASE-T port, one high-speed serial port, two SIC and one MIM slots
Part # 3C13701


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