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 Hide Away Line Powered HA2400LP
V22bis, 2400 bps Dial-up Modem

HA2400LP Hide Away Line Powered V22bis, 2400 bps Dial-up Modem

 HA2400LP Hide Away Line Powered V22bis, 2400 bps Dial-up Modem

The HideAway Self-Powered Modems are designed for those applications where no external source of power is available.  They derive power from two isolated sources: The RS232 interface and the telephone line.

HA2400LP  V22bis, 2400 bps Dial-up Modem
HA19.2FO 19200bps Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Line Driver
HA57.6LDM  Limited Distance Modem
The HA2400LP is designed for those applications where no external source of power is available. The HideAway derives its power from two isolated sources: Power from the RS232 interface (TXD, RTS & DTR) activates the HideAway’s RS232 drivers, the AT Command set controller and the optical relay that picks up the telephone line; Power from the telephone line then activates the data pump and ancillary telephone line components.

HideAway is uniquely designed to adapt to a wide range of applications in the commercial and industrial environments. Current users include manufacturers of equipment which require remote diagnostics and maintenance. They include utility and telephone companies, test and diagnostic equipment and PBX manufacturers, who require remote access to their equipment for maintenance and data acquisition.

HideAway is also used by companies providing special services and equipment such as energy management and security services. HideAway could be installed in an energy management unit, enabling it to report energy consumption of a remote site to a host. Since the HideAway is a full duplex two way modem, it may receive or initiate a call.

Despite its miniature size of 2.2” x 3” x .83” and its weight of less than 2.3 ounces, HideAway is as powerful as larger desktop modems. Neither the size, nor the low current requirements, affects the superb performance of this unique device. HideAway is fully Hayes™ compatible. It complies with CCITT standards V.22bis and V.22 as well as Bell 103 and Bell 212A protocols. HideAway is a smart, rate adaptable modem that adjusts itself to the data rate of the corresponding modem.

Technical Specifications
Data Rates: 2400/1200/300/75 bps Asynchronous
Compatibility: Bell 103/212 - CCITT V.22, V.22bis
Modulation: QAM in 2400 bps * DPSK in 1200 bps
* FSK in 0-300 bps
Operation: Full or half-duplex
Command Set: Hayes™ AT Command Set;
40 character buffer
Transmit Level: -12 dBm
Receive -43 dBm
Dropout Level: -48 dBm
Non-Volatile Two stored user profiles
Four stored phone numbers
Power: Line powered; No battery or AC
adapter required
Size: 2.2”W x 3”D x .83”H
Weight: 2.3 ounces (67 grams)
Environment: Operating Temperature: 0 to 40° C
Humidity: 0 to 95% Non Condensing

• To manually hang up your modem, type +++ and when the modem responds “OK,” enter the command ATH <CR>.
• The HA2400LP is not set up for Auto Answer. User must use the AT command ATS0=<number> to set up the answer
sequence. Eg: ATS0=1 means answer after the first ring. ATS0=1&W will save the configuration in the modem’s
non-volatile memory.
• The HA2400LP is a self powered device and configurations are stored in non-volatile memory. Any command
configuration not ending in “&W” will be lost if the comm port is turned off. To set the modem to factory
default use the AT command AT&F&W.

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