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Telenetics DSP9600 and
DSP9612 Modem

The Telenetics DSP9600 Modem
has been upgraded to the DSP9612 modem

Old Part Number New Part Number
Telenetics DSP9600 -FP Telenetics DSP9612 -FP
Telenetics DSP9600 -LV Telenetics DSP9612 -LV
Telenetics DSP9600 -RM Telenetics DSP9612 -RM


Ideal for SCADA, traffic and the oil industries, the Telenetics FIashPoll DSP9612 is a cost-effective, full-featured fast poll, leased line modem with the fastest training time in the industry: 23msec RTS/CTS delay. The 23msec RTS/CTS training time allows multipoint fast polling of dedicated line Remote Terminal Units (RTU) to upgrade their speeds from the Bell 202T modems at 0-1800 bps to 9600 bps in point-to-point or multipoint applications. Eight times faster than the industry standard Bell 202T modem, the FIashPoll DSP9612 modem is an excellent and affordable alternative.

Developed with a high-speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the FIashPoll DSP9612 modem is the most technologically advanced product on the market today.

Ideal for systems where fast response, short training time and low throughput delay is required, the FIashPoll DSP9612 is optimized for fast receiver equalizer training and extremely low throughput delay. The total throughput delay is reduced by 33% comparing to a standard 9600 bps modem.

FIashPoll operates at 9600 or 4800 bps over 2- or 4-wire leased or metallic lines and the DSP9612 modem FIashPoll operates at 9600, 4800 and 1,200bps (202T modulation)  bps over 2- or 4-wire leased or metallic lines and is temperature hardened for industrial, substation or traffic applications. When used with terminal polled devices, an unlimited number of drops is possible.

Telenetics DSP 9612 FP Modem
Telenetics DSP 9612 LV Modem
Telenetics DSP 9612 RM Modem

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