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Rhino Channel Banks

Rhino is part of the Asterisk community. 

Each Rhino is fully compatible with Asterisk; Rhino channel banks feature the Rhino-only automatic setup option called "Auto T1" making installation a breeze.

Reduce the cost of your Asterisk system with the Rhino Channel Bank.

With the Rhino you can use your current analog phones and wiring in conjunction with leading edge Asterisk technology-- without upgrading to new expensive internet capable phones. This way, internet phone calls can still be made with the equipment you are already using.

Rhino T1 Channel Bank FXS/FXO with Data

Standard Features

Providing reliable, flexible, and leading-edge solutions for a demanding industry.  

Managing your telecommunication needs has never been easier than with Rhino products. Rhino Equipment Corp. provides a flexible and reliable product line that can satisfy any T1 need. Our products will beat your expectations, or your money back - guaranteed. 

Unique Rhino features like real-time T1 status on our four line by 40 character (4x40) LCD display, or our automatic, hands-off Auto T1 configuration tool utilizing artificial intelligence software, and the crystal clear audio quality proves that Rhino products are in a class of their own. 

Knowing that the Rhino comes ready to perform, means that you can spend more time developing important customer relationships.  

Rhino Equipment Corp. offers you a complete line of low cost T1 channel banks including FXS, FXO, or mixed mode FXS/FXO analog interfaces. As a bonus, every system comes with our standard fractional V.35 data port. Add the Rhino modular, universal internal power supply system to the list, and Rhino crushes the competition. There just isn't a more flexible, feature rich channel bank available anywhere in the world (at any price) that compares to the Rhino.  

Rhino products are tough. In the rare case of trouble, our technical support staff is ready to give you the support you need, when you need it. Our 5-year limited warranty means that you can be confident that Rhino will always work hard and work well in your T1 application.

Using Asterisk? Don't forget to pick up a Rhino T1 card!

 Rhino Channel Banks now support Neon Bulb Message Waiting Indicators.


This new feature is perfect for upgrading hotels with Asterisk, without replacing standard hotel telephone sets. Another Rhino unique at the same great price.

Asterisk soft PBX tested and ready!  

4x40 LCD real-time status display shows independent AB bit signaling  

Automatic T1 configuration using artificial intelligence software, no configuration switches  

CSU auto detects T1modes: D4 or ESF, AMI or B8ZS  

T1 CSU via RJ48C, with line buildout programmability  

Internal power supply module, no external components  

FLASH based system configuration  

V.35 fractional data interface, user selectable to 56K or 64K  

Self diagnostics, verbose error reporting, loopback modes  

Single channel configuration, each channel may have a different analog start mode, signaling protocol, line current, or gain  

Telco network uptime and downtime T1 history  

Remote connection via RS-232c or Ethernet (optional) via Windows based graphical user interface  

Field software upgradable  

19, 23 or wall mounting kit standard  

7 ft T1 and T1 crossover cable (for Asterisk installs), 25 pair analog cable and a 110 or 220 power cable included.  

Immediate, Wink, Loop, Ground, RevPol, and three DID start protocols  

Distinctive ring in Loop start mode  

Caller ID enabled in Loop start mode 

Low cost fully populated FXS, fully populated FXO, or modular FXS/FXO mixed mode capable  

110V AC, 220V AC and -48V DC modular power supply models  

5-year limited warranty

 Rhino Channel Bank Models

FXS Series 

CB24-FXS-110V - T1, 24 FXS analog channels, 110VAC

CB24-FXS-220V - T1, 24 FXS analog channels, 220VAC

CB24-FXS-48V - T1, 24 FXS analog channels, -48VDC  

FXO Series  

CB24-FXO-110V - T1, 24 FXS analog channels, 110VAC

CB24-FXO-220V - T1, 24 FXS analog channels, 220VAC

CB24-FXO-48V - T1, 24 FXS analog channels, -48VDC

Modular Series  

CB24-MOD-110V - T1, 4-24 FXS/FXO analog channels, 110VAC

CB24-MOD-220V - T1, 4-24 FXS/FXO analog channels, 220VAC

CB24-MOD-48V - T1, 4-24 FXS/FXO analog channels, -48VDC  

The modular Rhino channel bank can be ordered with four to 24 channels of either FXS or FXO analog channels installed in increments of four channels up to six modules

All Rhino channel banks come in 110VAC, 220VAC or -48V DC models. The internal power supply module can be easily swapped.

Power Consumption:

Maximum power consumption (under full load) will not exceed 100W.  

Size :

3.5 tall (2U), 17 wide and 8.5 deep  

Weight :

12 pounds


FXS, FXO, and Modular

FXS - The Rhino FXS analog interface provides standard battery and ringing voltages to each of up to 24 loop or ground start analog channels.  

Each channel provides:

Digital DSP

Line current limit from 18ma to 45mA

Tx and Rx gain control of -5db to +6db

Power down control from 1 to 3 secs.

Ring cadence control  

FXO - The Rhino FXO analog interface requires a standard POTs analog telephone line up to 24 inputs  

Each channel provides:

Digital DSP

Tx and Rx gain control of -15db to +12db

Ring cadence monitoring timer  

FXS/FXO Modules - The Rhino modular channel bank model allows for

installation of either a 4-channel FXS or FXO analog daughter card. If the four slots are to be used as data, there is no need to install an analog card.  


All Rhino channel banks feature a single CSU that is software controlled, software programmable and will self configure to the proper mode right out of the box.  

Analog Interfaces

The Rhino channel bank provides either FXS or FXO analog interfaces, both with digital technology that utilizes a dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for monitoring real-time line characteristics.



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