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RAD RADview-EMS Element Management System

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RAD RADview-EMS Element Management System


 Multi-platform, distributed element management system, providing secure configuration and fault management capabilities
 Operates in standalone mode (without an SNMP platform), or integrated with SNMPc/HP OpenView NNM to extend capabilities and add topology management
 CORBA northbound interface facilitates integration with third-party NMS and umbrella systems
 Java-based; PC- or UNIX-based for greater flexibility
 Backward-compatible for seamless
integration with RADview-HPOV and RADview-PC element managers over HP OpenView NNM and SNMPc
 Advanced security management functions allow span of control and scope of command
 CORBA-based EMS services implementing the FCAPS model
RADview-EMS (Element Management System) is a Java-based, modular, client-server, scalable management system, providing secure configuration and fault management capabilities. RADview-EMS can operate either in standalone mode (without the need for an SNMP platform), or can be integrated with SNMPc or HP OpenView NNM to extend its capabilities and add topology management and color-coded fault indication capabilities. RADview-EMS enables the distribution of client and server functions to separate computers. In addition, it is capable of modular installation, side-by-side with RADview-HPOV or RADview-PC, over SNMPc or HP OpenView NNM SNMP platforms, allowing management of heterogeneous networks.

RADview-EMS provides an open CORBA northbound interface, facilitating integration into a third-party umbrella system or NMS.

RADview-EMS enables flexible distribution of management tasks between client and server, and between master and slave servers, in the following configurations:
Server and client on a single computer, managing a group of network elements.
Server and client on separate computers, managing a single group of network elements
Several clients working opposite a single server, managing a single group of network elements
Several clients working opposite a group of servers, managing together several groups/domains of network elements


The scalable platform maximizes use of infrastructure by implementing load balancing among a number of servers. Distributed polling improves system performance and enhances network management resilience.

Management functions
Management functions include EMS and core services, both supporting a CORBA northbound interface.
EMS services
RADview-EMS is based on the FCAPS model.

Management functions are split into four different areas:
Fault management: alarm handling, trap handling, polling service, testing and diagnostics
Configuration management: network element provisioning
Performance management: real-time statistics presentation
Security management: access control, access logs


Core services

The system supports EMS services by providing CORBA-based naming, event and other services.

Master/slave server functions
The RADview-EMS master server provides system services and infrastructure, including CORBA name service, HTTP service and centralized information, stored in an Informix database.

Both master and slave servers provide FCAPS services and manageable administrative services, such as health, configuration and distribution.



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