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Quick Eagle 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge

The Quick Eagle 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge offers you up to 7 Mbps symmetrical bandwidth on three pairs of copper loops for distances up to 11,000 feet (or 480 Kbps for up to 25,000 feet).

The 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge can be deployed in two main ways:

You can configure the 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge to bond all three SDSL links in a single multilink bundle to leverage load balancing and link resiliency. Using frame-based multiplexing the unit load balances traffic across the links to triple your bandwidth. When a link is out of service, the unit carries traffic on the remaining active links. The unit also detects when a link is operational and adds it back automatically to the multilink bundle.

You can also configure the 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge to link the three copper pairs to different locations. For instance, transportation agencies can take advantage of the 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge’s unique feature set to manage outdated traffic light systems, leveraging their existing copper infrastructure between different intersections and avoiding the cost of deploying Fiber to achieve Ethernet-based services such as video monitoring.

The 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge uses a learning MAC Bridge to forward packets from one LAN to another transparently over the SDSL links.

In addition, the 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge offers extensive remote management capabilities, including in-band management on the Ethernet data port or SDSL port for simultaneous SNMP, Telnet, ping, and TFTP management access.

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