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Patton SIPxNano

Ideal for SMBs with under 30 users, the SIPxNano is a revolutionary appliance that offers large enterprise features for an affordable price.  Packaged into the most easy-to-use VoIP appliance ever, SIPxNano is based on the same Pingtel SIPxchange ECS software that powers large enterprise deployments, and is now available in a cost-effective and user-friendly package.  The SIPxNano also offers:

SIPxNano is offered in cooperation between Pingtel and Patton Electronics.  It provides award winning SIPxchange ECS software that has the same ease-of-use, reliability, scalability, and feature richness as much larger systems. This system will truly grow with your business.

Patton 6375/15/E SIPXNANO IP-PBX with 15 user license
Patton 6375/30/E SIPXNANO IP-PBX with 30 user license

The SIPxNano is a full function IP-PBX tailored to meet the needs of small to medium enterprises and branch offices. It provides the features of a traditional PBX with the benefits of VoIP such as soft clients and voicemail to e-mail integration. The SIPxNano support up to 30 concurrent users and comes with common PBX/Key System features such as an auto-attendant, configurable call routing, music on hold, call-forwarding, music on park, hunt groups, and much more.

The web-based administrative interface permits quick and easy configuration of dialing plans, auto attendants and other PBX features. Office users of the SIPxNano IP-PBX benefit the most from the voicemail to e-mail integration. An easy to use web page is available to create and manage personal voicemail folders. Menu options facilitate the setup of e-mail notification and even e-mail delivery of the message in easy to open .wav file format. Multiple greetings can be recorded and then activated via a drop drown box.

Enterprises operating in multiple locations can leverage their existing data intranet/VPN investment to extend features of the headquarters IP-PBX to all locations and telecommuters. Every employee can be reached via a 3-digit extension by a simple web page configuration of the dialing plan. Intra-enterprise long-distance phones bills drop to zero by using the VPN. At the same time, additional savings can be achieved both by reducing the number of local PSTN connections, as well as by leveraging the remaining local PSTN connections in remote offices to effect a least cost routing of long distance calls to the remote office area code and thereby performing a long distance toll by-pass.

When combined with a Patton SmartNode or SmartLink device, the SIPx-Nano IP-PBX provides VoIP services to analog phones, faxes, and legacy PBX systems that are not able to support newer VoIP technologies.

Patton 6375/15/E SIPXNANO IP-PBX with 15 user license
Patton 6375/30/E SIPXNANO IP-PBX with 30 user license

SIPXNANO-15/E SIPXNANO IP-PBX with 15 user license
SIPXNANO-30/E SIPXNANO IP-PBX with 30 user license


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