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Patton Electronics 590 Series
RS-232 to RS-232 Black Box Optical Isolators
Patton Model 590AF = Black Box SP400A-R3
Patton Model 591AF = Black Box SP340A-R2
Models 590A 591A 592 594

Model 59X Series
RS-232 to RS-232 Optical Isolators
Why Let Ground Loops Disrupt Your RS-232 Communications?
  Features & Benefits
  • Four New Models to Choose From
  • No External Power Required (590A, 591A)
  • 2500V RMS Peak Isolation
  • Models 590A and 592 Support Async Data Rates to 19.2kbps
  • Models 591A and 594 Support Async Data Rates to 115.2kbps
  • Extends RS-232 Distances (when AC Powered)
  • Models 590A and 591A Isolate 4 Lines: TD&RD plus DTR or RTS (strap selectable) and CD, DSR or CTS (strap selectable)
  • Models 592 and 594 Isolate 7 Lines: TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DSR, CD and DTR

The Patton Model 590 Series of RS-232 to RS-232 optical isolators guards your asynchronous equipment from the hazards of ground looping. Plugging directly into your DTE hardware, the Model 590 Series provides 2500V RMS peak DCE/DTE isolation. Both the Model 590A (19.2 kbps max) and Model 591A (115.2kbps max) isolate 4 lines on the RS-232 interface--two of which are selectable by internal jumpers. The Model 592 (19.2 kbps max) and Model 594 (115.2kbps max) isolate 7 pre-wired lines on the RS-232 interface.



Transmission Format: Asynchronous, full or half duplex
Interface Standard: EIA RS-232-E
Connectors: (2) DB-25 Female
Data Rates: Up to 19,200 bps (Model 590A); Up to 115.200 bps(Model 591A)
Isolation: 2500VRMS
Power Supply: Interface Powered; Optional power supplied to pin 9 (either side) at +5V DC 5% 10mA
Compliance: 89/336/EEC, FCC Part 15, CLASS A
Dimensions: 3.8L x 2.1W x 0.79H (9.7 x 5.3 x 2.0 cm)
Temperature Range: 0-50C (32-122F)
Altitude: Up to 10,100 feet
Weight: 5.7 oz. (161.6g)
Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing

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