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Patton Electronics Model 55
Pocket-Sized Bit Error-Rate Tester (BERT)

Patton Model 55
Pocket-Sized Bit Error-Rate Tester (BERT)
The Pocket-Sized Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) provides field engineers and technicians with a versatile and easily portable modem or terminal testing device.
  Features & Benefits
  • Supports data rates up to 64 kbps
  • Runs synchronous or asynchronous
  • RS-232/V.24 interface
  • FOX pattern during async operation; 511 pattern during sync operation
  • CTS/DTR flow control during async operation
  • Can be used as a loop-back plug
  • Provides visual indication of good data
  • Fully line powered

When the BERT is testing a synchronous device, a CCITT 511 pattern is transmitted. The BERT receiver verifies that the returning data is error-free, at which point the LED is lit. When in async mode, the BERT sends QUICK BROWN FOX messages and waits to receive the FOX messages back before illuminating the GOOD DATA LED. Flow control is achieved by using the CTS interface lead if you are testing DCE or the DTR interface lead if you are testing DTE. When the interface lead becomes inactive the BERT stops transmitting data. All power to operate the Pocket BERT is provided by the unit being tested—no external power supplies to carry around! Just drop the Model 55 BERT into your pocket and you are ready to troubleshoot anywhere.

Ordering Information

55: Pocket-Sized BER Tester



Data Rates: Async—2.4K, 4.8K, 9.6K, 19.2K & 38.4K; Sync—2.4K, 4.8K, 9.6K, 19.2K, 38.4K, 56K & 64K
Data Format: Synchronous or Asynchronous
Data Coding: Quick Brown Fox in Async; CCITT 511 Pattern in Sync
Timing: Internal baud rate generator when testing a DTE device; External when testing a DCE device
Channel interface: EIA RS-232 (V.24 female connector (DB-25) for testing a DTE; male connector for testing a DCE
Op. temp.: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Rel. humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing
Power source: Fully line powered


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