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Patton Electronics 533
Coax ArcNet Surge Protector (BNC)

Patton Model 533
Coax ArcNet Surge Protector (BNC)
Here's Reliable Transient Protection for Your ArcNet LAN
  Features & Benefits
  • Novell Approved for NetWare Versions 2.2 and 3.11
  • Guards Coax BNC ArcNet Interfaces
  • Combined Surge Handling Capability of 3,000 Watts
  • Direct Connection to Network Interface Cards and Other LAN Hardware
  • Diverts Surges Safely to Chassis Ground using a Braided Metal Strap
  • "Fail Safe" Design Protects Network in Case of Severe Surge

No one would think of their home as being secure if the front door were locked and the back door left wide open. Yet ArcNet users do the same thing every day: A UPS or AC protector guards the power supply of their workstation, while the LAN data port is unprotected! Surge energy traveling along the data line or up through the ground can easily make molten glass out of fragile network I/O card components.

The Patton EPG Model 533 has been designed to greatly reduce the risk of data loss and hardware damage due to “back door” data line transients. The Model 533 connects directly between incoming ArcNet data cables and LAN I/O ports. By diverting threatening voltages to chassis ground, the Model 533 promotes data integrity and protects connected equipment from damage. Using a solid state design that employs sophisticated multistage hybrid circuits, the Model 533 has a combined surge handling capacity of 3k Watts. An external ground strap on the Model 533 provides a separate unit-ground to chassis-ground connection.


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