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Patton Electronics Model 3X
Black Box Data Tap Series

Patton Electronics Model 3X
Data Tap Series
With Black Box Equivalent Part Numbers
Model 3
  Features & Benefits
  • All 25 Pins Wired Straight Through to All 3 Connectors
  • A Great Way to Monitor Data Line Activity or Connect 2 Devices to One RS-232 Port
  • Available in All Gender Combinations

Monitor data line activity or connect 2 devices to one RS-232C port! Here is a simple, inexpensive way to "TAP" into a data line so you can see what's going on with a scope, or monitor a line without interrupting the flow of data. Three DB-25 connectors wired straight through, make "tapping" into existing RS-232 lines simple and neat. This handy little device can also be used anywhere you would use a "Y" cable, such as connecting 2 terminals in parallel to one port. All possible combinations of gender connectors and mating hardware. (Please specify genders: MF-M, MF-F, MM-M, MM-F, FF-M, FF-F).

Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
3 MF-F FA142A  RS-232 Tap 
3 MF-M FA143A  RS-232 Tap 
3 MM-F FA144A  RS-232 Tap 
3 FF-F FA140A  RS-232 Tap 
3 FF-M FA141A  RS-232 Tap 
3/9 MF-F FA148A  DB-9 Tap 
3/9 FF-M FA147A  DB-9 Tap 
3/9 MF-M FA149A  DB-9 Tap 
3/9 FF-F FA146A  DB-9 Tap 
3/9 MM-F FA150A  DB-9 Tap 
3/9 MM-M FA151A  DB-9 Tap 

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