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Patton Electronics Model 3002
RS-232, Tail Circuit Buffer

Patton Model 3002
RS-232, Tail Circuit Buffer
Interconnect two modems located in proximity of each other.
  Features & Benefits
  • Compact, simple, economical tail circuit solution
  • Supports speeds up to 64 kbps
  • Full-duplex and half-duplex operation
  • Two DB-25 female connectors
  • Transparent to data
  • 64-bit centered-ring buffer provides buffering for 32 bits of clock slippage in forward and reverse direction
  • All signal crossover provided by TCB
  • Fully line powered
  • FCC Class A certification

The Model 3002 TCB interconnects two modems located in proximity of each other. Data is buffered and re-clocked to ensure its integrity when the modems are clocked independent of each other.


The TCB enables users to connect a tail circuit to a modem sharing device or to a modem that does not normally accommodate a DCE-type device connecting to it. Clock phasing differences are compensated for by buffering the data coming from the tail circuit into a 64-bit centered-ring buffer. This provides 32 bits of clock slippage in both the positive and negative directions. Clocking rates up to 64 kbps are possible while using the TCB.


Sync operation in both half-duplex and full-duplex modes is fully supported. Carrier detect signaling is used to re-center the ring buffers. All cabling crossover is done inside the TCB, so you can use standard straight-through cables for all inter-connections. The TCB is fully line powered. Just install it between the two modems and your tail circuit is ready to use.


Ordering Information
3002 RS-232 Tail Circuit Buffer


Capacity: Two RS-232 sync modems
Data format: Data is transparent
Buffer type: 64-bit, centered-ring buffer
Data rates: Up To 64 kbps
Timing: Supplied by the connected modem devices
Channel interface: Two RS-232 / DB-25 female connectors (V.24)
Power source: Fully line powered
Oper. Temp: 32 to 122_F (0 to 50_C)
Rel. Humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 0.55H x 2.1W x 5.6D in. 3.0H x 13.5W x 5.0D cm

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