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Patton 2720
2720 /B/UI      2720 /C/UI     2720 /I/UI     2720 /B/48     2720 /C/48      2720 /I/48
Compact, T1 / FT1, High Density, Low Cost CSU/DSU
New CSU/DSU makes it simple and affordable to connect to T1/Fractional T1 Services


  • Terminates T1 / FT1 circuits over a 4-wire RJ-48C interface
  • 100-240VAC and -48VDC power options
  • Connects to V.35, EIA-530, and 10Base-T interfaces
  • Ethernet version for LAN to LAN Bridging
  • Common framed n x 56/64 kbps rates up to 1.536 Mbps
  • Unstructured rates at 1.544 Mbps
  • D4 or ESF framing modes
  • Supports AMI or B8ZS/B7ZS line coding
  • Software or DIP switch configurable
  • Internal, external, or network clocking
  • V.54, V.52, and CO Loop and Loop down diagnostics
  • Available in Rackmount version (Patton 2710RC)
  • Also functions as a high-speed point-to-point modem
  • Made in USA

The NetLink Patton 2720 Series T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU provides high speed WAN connectivity in a compact (1.50H x 4.17W x 5.84D inches) full feature standalone package.

The Netlink 2720 is an excellent choice for terminating leased lines, Frame Relay backbones, Internet access, and LAN-to-LAN services. When terminating a T1- dedicated digital circuit, the NetLink 2720 supports nx56/nx64 kbps T1 framing and converts to V.35, RS-530, or 10Base-T Ethernet interfaces.

The Netlink 2720 supports D4/ESF framing options and AMI/B8ZS/B7ZS line coding. Data rates, framing, and coding options are programmed by DIP switches or from a VT-100 terminal with menu-driven software. A full range of system and diagnostic features make setup simple and easy.

The Patton 2720/I (10 Base-T Ethernet Bridge) is particulary suited for LAN-to-LAN connection without the need for routers! MAC forwarding and PPP/BCP built-in bridging provides seamless connection over the T1 link.

The PPP/BCP features also enable customers to extend a router's serial interface and connect to a remote Ethernet LAN over the T1 network.

The 2710RC is the rack card companion to the Patton 2720. Offering all features found in the Patton 2720, the 2710RC fits in a 19", 2u high rack housing up to 16 rack cards. See the 2710RC web page for more information.

Ordering Information
Patton 2720/B/UI Standalone T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU; EIA-530 Interface (DB-25F); 90-240VAC supply
Patton 2720/C/UI Standalone T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU; V.35 (M/34F) Interface; 90-240VAC supply
Patton 2720/I/UI Standalone T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU; 10Base-T (RJ-45) Interface; 90-240VAC supply
Patton 2720/B/48 Standalone T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU; EIA-530 (DB-25F) Interface; 48VDC supply
Patton 2720/C/48 Standalone T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU; V.35 (M/34F) Interface; 90-240VAC supply
Patton 2720/I/48 Standalone T1 / FT1 CSU/DSU; 10Base-T (RJ-45) Interface; 90-240VAC supply


WAN Speed: 1.544 Mbps
WAN Connection: RJ-48C
Nominal Impedance: 100 Ohms
DTE Interface: EIA-530, V.35, Ethernet
Line Coding: AMI/B8ZS
Line Framing: D4/ESF/Unframed
Clock Options: Internal, external, or network
Diagnostics: Responds to CO-initiated D4 loop-up and loop-down codes, ESF line loop and payload loop FDL messages, and Universal Loopback de-activate messages
Transmit LBO: Selectable—0, 7.5, 15, or 22.5 dB, plus DSX-1
Standards: AT&T TR62411, TR54016, and ANSI T1.403
Dimensions: 0.78H x 2.1W x 3.5D in. (2.0H x 5.3W x 8.9D cm)
Test Modes: Initiates and responds to V.54 and CSU remote loops; local loop
Pattern Generator/Detector: User selectable 511, 2047, or QRSS Power: Universal Input (100-240VAC), or -48VDC



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