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Patton Electronics 2715RC
G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

Patton Model 2715RC
G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU)
This device terminates G.703/G.704 lines and provide E1/Fractional E1
Model 2715RC photo
  Features & Benefits
  • Terminates E1/Fractional E1 service
  • Available in low-cost standalone (2701) or rack-mountable versions
  • n x 64 kbps data rates to 2 Mbps
  • X.21, V.35, EIA-530 and Ethernet bridge options
  • Switch-selectable AMI or HDB3 line encoding options
  • Switch-selectable DTE/DCE modes for X.21 version
  • 75-ohm dual coax and 120-ohm twisted-pair G.703 connections
  • Local and remote loopback diagnostics
  • Internal, external and G.703 network timing
  • CE and BABT approvals
  • 90–260VAC & 48VDC power options
  • Rack cards fit into Model 1001 access rack system
  • Conforms to ONP requirements CTR 12 and CTR 13 for connection to international Telecom networks

Today's customers require low-cost network solutions that deliver high speed connections to the Internet and Corporate Intranets while supporting videoconferencing and many other wide-area services. The NetLink Model 2701 E1/Fractional E1 NTUs satisfies those needs.

The NTUs terminate G.703/G.704 services for all n x 64 kbps rates and connect to the customer’s router, FRAD, CODEC, and switches with a V.35, X.21, EIA-530, or 10Base-T Ethernet interface.

The Model 2701/D (X.21 version) provides DTE/DCE functionality in the same standalone or rack-mount package. This added versatility supports operation in X.21 DTE applications (see diagram below) where an NTU is needed to terminate G.703/G.704 and provide X.21/V.11 data to a multiplexer.

Model 2715 Application Diagram 1

The Model 2701/I is a 10Base-T bridge that operates over G.703/G.704 lines (see diagram below). It uses MAC learning and forwarding to provide seamless LAN-to-LAN connectivity. As a result, corporate enterprises can connect their servers to a pair of Model 2701s and automatically forward data packets that are meant for the remote network. Local packets are filtered and passed only to the local LAN.

Model 2715 Application Diagram 2


Ordering Information
2715/B/UI Stand alone NTU; EIA-530 (DB25F) interface; 90–260 VAC supply
2715/C/UI Stand alone NTU; V.35 (M/34F) interface; 90–260 VAC supply
2715/D/UI Stand alone NTU; X.21 (DB15F) interface; 90–260 VAC supply
2715/I/UI Stand alone NTU; 10Base-T (RJ-45F) interface; 90–260 VAC supply
2715/C/48 Stand alone NTU; V.35 (M/34F) interface; -48 VDC supply
2715/D/48 Stand alone NTU; X.21 (DB15F) interface; -48 VDC supply
2715/I/48 Stand alone NTU; 10Base-T (RJ-45F) interface; -48 VDC supply


Data Rate: Smooth Clock 2.048 Mbps
Network Connector: RJ-48C (all versions); Dual Coaxial (X.21 and Ethernet)
DTE Interface: EIA-530, X.21/V.11, V.35, or 10Base-T Ethernet
Line Coding: AMI or HDB3
Line Framing: G.703 (unframed) or G.704/G.732 (framed)
Clocking: Internal, External or Receive Recover
DTE Rates: nx64kbps (EIA-530, X.21/V.11, V.35); 10Mbps (10Base-T)
Indicators: E1 Link Status, TD, RD, Loss of Sync, Error, Test Mode, Ethernet Status (on 10Base-T Version)
Diagnostics: Local/Remote Loop, 511
Line Isolation: 1500VRMS
Compliance: CE Mark, G.703, G.704, G.723, G.832, CTR-12 and CTR-13
Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Rel. Humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 5.84L x 4.16W x 1.51H in (14.84L x 10.6W x 3.84H cm)
Weight: 2.225 lbs (1.02 Kg)


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