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Patton Electronics 2702
Micro-Pak™, 2-Mbps G.703 Access Converter

Patton Model 2702
Micro-Pak™, 2-Mbps G.703 Access Converter
It's a Convenient Network Termination, Interface Converter and Rate Adapter...All in one micro-size package!
Model 2702 photo
  Features & Benefits
  • Network Data Rate of 2.048 Mbps
  • Four Selectable DTE Data Rates
  • Supports V.35 Terminals
  • 120-Ohm Network Terminations
  • Internal, External or Network (Rcv Loop) Clocking
  • Loopback Diagnostics

The Patton Model 2702 Micro-Pak™ wears several hats: As a network termination unit, the Model 2702 receives unstructured, synchronous 2.048 Mbps data from a G.703 network and sends it to a router, bridge, multiplexer or other device. As an interface converter, the Model 2703 accepts 120-Ohm twisted-pair network connections. Then it converts the signals to V.35 on an M/34 male connector. As a rate converter, the Model 2702 lets a lower bandwidth device—256 Kbps, 512 Kbps, or 1.024 Mbps—connect to a 2.048 Mbps G.703 link. The Model 2702 supports internal, external or network (receive loop) clocking


Ordering Information

2702/CM/UI Micro-Pak Version. Clear Channel E1 Access Converter (V.35, M/34 male)



Network Interface: G.703
Network Rate: 2.048 Mbps
Network Connector: One modular RJ-45 connector (120-Ohm)
Terminal Interface: V.35 (M/34 male)
Terminal Rate: 2.048 Mbps
Diagnostics: Loopback Test Indicators: LEDs for power, network, master clock and loop
Clocking: Internal, external, network (receive loop)
Receiver Sensitivity: -10 dB (0dB = 2.4V)


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