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Patton Electronics 2070
Co-Directional G.703 G703 Black Box Converters
IC700A IC701A IC702A

Patton Model 2070
Co-Directional G.703 G703 Converters
Plug-In Access Converter for G.703/64 kbps!
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
2070/DF/UI IC702A  G.703 Converter, X.21, DB15M, 120v 
2070/CM/UI IC701A  G.703 Converter, V.35 M/34M, 120v 
2070/AM/UI IC700A  G.703 Converter, V.24 DB25M, 120v 


  Features & Benefits
  • Bi-directionally converts V.24, X.21 or V.35 to G.703/64k co-directional
  • Synchronous operation at 64 kbps
  • Internal, external or network clocking options
  • Point-to-Point distance up to 5250 ft (1600m) on 24 AWG (.5mm) twisted pair
  • Complies with CCITT/ITU G.823 Jitter Control Specifications
  • Built-in surge protection and transformer isolation

The Patton Model 2070 Series inter-face converters allow a router–or similar WAN device–with a V.24 (RS-232), V.35 or X.21 port to connect to a G.703/64k co-directional (PCM) network. Offering switchable internal, external or network clocking options, the Patton Model 2070 Series converters support bi-directional, synchronous communication at a data rate of 64 kbps. The Patton Model 2070 Series includes three variations: The Model 2070/AM plugs directly into an RS-232 DTE, and is equipped with a male DB-25 connector. The Model 2070/CM plugs directly into a V.35 DTE, and is equipped with an M/34 male connector. The Model 2070/DM plugs into an X.21 DTE, and is equipped with a male DB-15 connector at the end of a 6” (15.25cm) cable. All versions come with an RJ-45 jack for 120 ohm twisted pair network termination (termination to a 75 ohm network can be accomplished using the Patton Model 460 balun–see below).

Patton Model 2070 Series converters incorporate local loopback and G.703 loopback diagnostic modes. Diagnostic modes are controlled by a switch, or by the local DTE (V.24 or V.35 versions only). Rear panel LED indicators monitor Test Mode and Synchronization. Synchronous clock jitter is attenuated in accordance with the G.823 specification. For protection against ground loops and transient surges, the Patton Model 2070 Series converters incorporate both trans-former isolation and surge protection.

Power is supplied to the Patton Model 2070 Series converters by an external power supply. When used in a point-to-point environment, distances up to 5250 feet (1600m) are attainable using two 24 AWG (.5mm) twisted pairs.



Applications: 64k/G.703 co-directional PCM network or CSU/DTE conversion to CCITT/ITU V.24, CCITT/ITU V.35, or CCITT/ITU X.21
G.703 Interface: Symmetrically balanced pairs, 4 wire, 120 Ohm terminated to female RJ-45
Operating Speed: Co-directional timing, Rx recovered: 64kbits + 500ppm.
Clocking: Internal, External or Network Timing
G.703 Input Signal Level: 2.0V differential, into 120 Ohms, nominal.
Max. Cable Loss: 0 to -10dB
Line Encoding: AMI
Jitter Performance: CTR 14, G.823
Surge Protection: Device Response Time = 100ns; Clamp Voltage = 8.5V ±1V.
Isolation: 1500 VRMS isolation, transformer coupled.
Indicators: LED’s monitor TM and SYNC.
Power Requirements: 5VDC 300mA, supplied by external transformer or on these DTE pins: pin 9 (V.24), pin KK (V.35), pin 15 (X.21)
Temperature Range: 32-140°F (0-60°C)
Dimensions: Model 2070/AM 4.90” x 2.00” x 0.73” (12.45 x 5.08 x 1.85 cm); Model 2070/CM & 2070/DF 3.40” x 2.00” x 0.73” (8.63 x 5.08 x 1.85 cm).

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