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Patton Electronics 2040
V.35 to HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface)
Black Box Converter

IC945A IC946A

Patton Model 2040
V.35 to HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface) Converter
Model 2040
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description of HSSI Converter
2040 MT-MC/UI IC945A  HSSI, M/34M DTE -HD50M DCE 
2040 MC-MT/UI IC946A  HSSI, M/34M DCE -HD50M DTE 


  Features & Benefits
  • Bi-Directional Conversion from V.35 to HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface)
  • Support for Synchronous Data Rates up to 10 Mbps
  • Transparent to Protocol–Passes Data, Control Lines and Two Loopback Modes
  • M/34 and SCSI Connectors, with Integral 6 ft (1.8m) Cable
  • Two Versions: V.35 (DCE) to HSSI (DTE) or HSSI (DCE) to V.35 (DTE)
  • Externally AC Powered

The Patton Model 2040 V.35 to High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) converter lets a HSSI (HD-50) device communicate bi-directionally with a V.35 (M/34) device at synchronous data rates up to 10 Mbps. The Model 2040 supports all HSSI co-directional timing patterns, two loopback modes (local line and remote line), plus data and control signals. The Model 2040 is available in two versions: The Model 2040 MT-MC lets a V.35 DCE device communicate with a HSSI DTE device. The Model 2040 MC-MT lets a V.35 DTE device communicate with a HSSI DCE device. Both versions are equipped with a male M/34 connector on the converter end, and a male HD-50 on the end of a 6 foot (1.8m) cable (other connector genders and cable lengths are available on a custom basis). Power is supplied to the Model 2040 by an external wall-mount AC transformer.


Data Format: Synchronous
Standards: Converts CCITT V.35 to HSSI (ANSI/TIA/EIA-613, December, 1993 & ANSI/TIA/EIA-613, November, 1993)
Data Rate: 0 - 10 Mbps
Clocking: All clocking modes supported except conversion from smooth to gapped clock
Loopbacks: Local line and remote line supported; Local DTE not available
Interfaces: V.35 DTE to HSSI DCE, or V.35 DCE to HSSI DTE
Connectors: Male HD/Slimline 50-pin (HSSI); Male M/34 (V.35)
Cable: 6.6 ft
Temperature Range: 0-50°C (32-122°F)
Altitude: 0-15,000 feet (4.5Km)
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
Power Supply: External AC wall mount power transformer
Dimensions: 3.0”L x 1.75”W x 0.75”H (7.6 x 4.4 x 1.9 cm)

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