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Patton Electronics 2020 Series
Passive RS-232 to V.35 Converters

Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
2020M-F IC223A-F  RS232 <-> V.35 Converter 
2020NM-F IC956A-M  RS232 <-> V.35 Converter DB25M, M/34 M 
2020F-M IC222A-M  RS232 <-> V.35 Converter 
2020M-M IC223A-M  RS232 <-> V.35 Converter 
2020NF-M IC955A-F  RS232 <-> V.35 Converter DB25F, M/34 M 
2020NM-M IC955A-M  RS232 <-> V.35 Converter DB25M, M/34 F 
2020F-F IC222A-F  RS232 <-> V.35 Converter 
2020RC226 IC222C  RS232-V.35 Micro Rack Card 
Patton Models 2020 Series
Passive RS-232 to V.35 Converters
Connect RS-232 to V.35 using any gender and connector variation imaginable.
Model 2020P
  Features & Benefits
  • Bi-directional RS-232 to V.35 conversion
  • Support for data rates to 384 kbps
  • DCE/DTE switchable
  • All appropriate data, clocking & control signals passed
  • Integral connectors (Model 2020N) or equipped with built-in 6 ft (1.8 m) cable

The Model 2020 Series solves one of the most common problems in WAN connectivity—connecting sync RS-232 hardware to sync V.35 hardware. And the Model 2020 series offers many different models to choose from.

The Model 2020N is the perfect solution for converter applications that do not require a built-in cable. It has all the features of the Model 2020 series contained in an ultra- miniature package.

Model 2020N


Ordering Information

2020M-M DB-25 male to M/34 male
2020F-M DB-25 female to M/34 male
2020M-F DB-25 male to M/34 fem.
2020F-F DB-25 female (fem.) to M/34 female
2020NM-M DB-25 male to M/34 male (integral connectors, no cable)
2020NF-M DB-25 female to M/34 male (integral connectors, no cable)
2020NM-F DB-25 male to M/34 female (integral connectors, no cable)
2020NF-F DB-25 female to M/34 female (integral connectors, no cable)

The following models use a DB-25 version of the V.35 interface
2020M-25M DB-25 male to DB-25 male
2020F-25M DB-25 fem. to DB-25 male
2020M-25F DB-25 male to DB-25 fem.
2020F-25F DB-25 fem. to DB-25 fem.


Format: Synchronous, transparent to protocol, full or half duplex; passes all appropriate control signals
Data Rates: Up to 384 kbps
Clocking: Supplied by the connected devices
Connectors: DB-25 male or fem. on RS-232 side, M/34 male or fem. on V.35 side
Configuration: DTE-to-DCE or DCE-to-DTE, strap selectable
Regulatory Approvals: FCC 15A, UL, CE, EN60950

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