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Patton Electronics 2017RC
DTE, RS-232 to 20 mA Current Loop
Black Box Interface Converter Rack Card

Patton Model 2017RC
DTE, RS-232 to 20 mA Current Loop, Interface Converter Rack Card
The Model 2017RC connects RS-232 (V.24) devices to current loop devices.
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
2017AF CL090A-F  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017PF CL095A-F  232<=>Current Loop Cvtr - Pass 
2017PM CL095A-M  232<=>Current Loop Cvtr - Pass 
2017AM CL090A-M  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017AM-I CL090AE-M  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017AF-I CL090AE-F  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017PF-RJ11 CL096A-F  232<=>Current Loop Cvtr - Pass 
2017PM-RJ45 CL097A-M  232<=>Current Loop Cvtr - Pass 
2017AM-RJ45 CL092A-M  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017AF-RJ45 CL092A-F  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017AF-RJ45I CL092AE-F  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017AM-RJ45I CL092AE-M  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017PF-RJ45 CL097A-F  232<=>Current Loop Cvtr - Pass 
2017AM-RJ11 CL091A-M  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017PM-RJ11 CL096A-M  232<=>Current Loop Cvtr - Pass 
2017P60M CL080A-M  RS232-60mA Cur Loop Conv, DB25M-Term Bl 
2017P60FRJ45 CL081A-F  RS232-60mA Cur Loop Conv, DB25F-RJ45 
2017P60F CL080A-F  RS232-60mA Cur Loop Conv, DB25F-Term Bl 
2017AF-RJ11I CL091AE-F  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017AM-RJ11I CL091AE-M  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 
2017AF-RJ11 CL091A-F  232<=>Current Loop Cnvtr - Act 


  Features & Benefits
  • Data rates up to 115.2 kbps
  • Two RJ-45 connectors for RS-232 devices and two RJ-45 or RJ-11 connectors for the current loop ports
  • UL and CSA approvals

The Model 2017RC is an async device that operates bi-directionally in full- or half-duplex modes. The Model 2017RC occupies one slot of the 1000R/16 front-load rack. It has dual independent converters that enable two async DTE RS-232 devices to communicate with two 20-mA current loop devices over two twisted pairs. It can be configured for active or passive transmitters.



Capacity: Two RS-232 and current loop channels
Data coding: Async full- or half-duplex
Data rates: Up to 115.2 kbps
Electrical interface: RS-232 and 20-mA current loop
RS-232 physical interface: Two RJ-45 connectors
Current loop physical interface: Two RJ-45 or RJ-11 connectors
Power source: 1.4 Watts at 10 VAC, supplied by rack


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