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Patton Electronics 2015
Passive, RS-449 to V.35 Converter

Patton Model 2015
Passive, RS-449 to V.35 Converter
Synchronous RS-449/422 Devices Can Now Access V.35 WAN Hardware
Model 2015
  Features & Benefits
  • Bi-Directionally Converts Synchronous RS-449/422 to V.35
  • Supports Data Rates to 2 Mbps, Full or Half Duplex
  • Transparent to Protocol
  • No AC Power or Batteries Required
  • Various DCE/DTE and Gender Combinations Available
  • DB-37 and M/34 Connectors with Integral 6 foot (1.8m) Cable
  • Circuitry Housed in a Miniature Case

The Model 2015 RS-449/422 to V.35 converter lets a synchronous RS-449/422 device communicate bi-directionally with a synchronous V.35 device. The Model 2015 requires no AC power or batteries to operate and supports data rates to 2 Mbps. Operating full or half duplex, the Model 2015 passes all necessary clocking and control signals, and is transparent to protocol.

The Patton Model 2015 connects directly to the synchronous RS-449/422 interface using a male or female DB-37 connector. A male or female M/34 connector at the end of an integral 6 foot cable plugs into the V.35 device. Models with any combination of "DTE" and "DCE" wiring are available, thus eliminating the need for special crossover cables.


Interfaces: EIA RS-449/422 to CCITT V.35 Data Rates: Up to 2.048 Mbps
Transmission Mode: Full or half duplex
Protocol: Transparent to protocol
Clocking: Set by connected devices
Connectors: DB-37 male or female on RS-449/422 side, M/34 male or female on V.35 side
Temperature Range: 0-50C (32-122F)
Altitude: 0-15,000 feet Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
Power Supply: None required; uses power from NIC data and control signals
Dimensions: 2.66"L x 2.10"H x 0.73"W
Weight: 14 oz, including cable and connectors

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