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Patton Electronics 1206
X.21, Synchronous Modem Eliminator

Patton Model 1206
X.21, Synchronous Modem Eliminator
Model 1206
  Features & Benefits
  • X.21 Operation
  • Sync Data Rates to 144 Kbps
  • All Necessary Data, Clocking & Control Signals Supported
  • Internal, External or Receive Recover Clocking
  • AC Powered
  • Distances to 300 Feet (DTE to DTE)
  • Rack Card Version Available

Why tie up two expensive high speed modems so that two DTE hosts can communicate in the same room? The Model 1206 synchronous X.21 modem eliminator can do the same job for a fraction of the cost! The Model 1206 is AC powered, and is equipped with two DB-15 female connectors. Data rates from 32 to 144 kbps are supported, as well as internal, external or receive recover clocking. Maximum distance between the connected hosts is 300 feet.


Product Highlights

Our V.35 and X.21 Modem Eliminators are Rack Mountable
Now you can integrate sixteen V.35 or X.21 synchro- nous modem eliminators into a standard 19” rack mount installation that’s only 3.5” high. Or if you need just a handful of modem eliminators, make your installation ultra compact using our convenient 2, 4 or 8-slot desktop ClusterBoxes™.



Data Rates: 32, 48, 56, 64, 72, 112, 128 and 144 kbps
Clocking: Internal or external
Interface: CCITT X.21
Distance: 300 feet (DTE to DTE)
Connectors: Dual DB-15 female
Power Supply: External wallmount transformer, 120 or 230 VAC
RTS/CTS Delay: Strap selectable, 0, 7, 53 mS (+/- 15%)
Dimensions: Approx 3” x 2” x .75”

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