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Patton Electronics 1092A
KiloModem™, 2B1Q Encoding, 2- or 4-Wire
Baseband Modem

Model 1092A
KiloModem™, 2B1Q Encoding, 2- or 4-Wire, Baseband Modem
Make Campus LAN and WAN Connections Using Only Two Wires
Model 1092
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Model 1090x.21 Model 1090g.703
Model 1090v.35 Model 1090rs232


The Patton Model 1092A KiloModem supports point-to-point, synchronous or asynchronous communication over a single twisted pair (two wires) or over dual twisted pairs (4 wires.) Offering selectable sync data rates of 32, 56, 64 and 128 kbps, the Model 1092A also supports async speeds up to 38.4 kbps. This high speed, 2 or 4 wire capability makes the Model 1092A an excellent choice for high speed leased line Internet links, LAN interconnection, or campus networking at distances over 10 miles. The Model 1092A uses replaceable “QuikConnect™” interface modules, which allow connection to a variety of interfaces: G.703, V.35, X.21, RS-422 and V.24/RS-232. Local analog and remote digital loopback test modes are built into the Model 1092, as well as a V.52 BERT pattern generator. The Model 1092A employs popular 2B1Q encoding and allows clocking to be set for internal, external or receive recover clock. Automatic equalization, gain control and echo cancellation maximize distance.

If you prefer a rack mount solution, the Model 1092ARC puts these capabilities into Patton’s 2U (3.5”) high rack mount format. The Model 1092ARC fits in our 16 slot chassis or 2/4/8-slot ClusterBoxes™



Transmission Format: Sync or Async
Transmission Line: Unconditioned twisted pair or Local Area Data Circuits (LADS), 19 - 26 AWG (.9mm -.4mm). DC Continuity not required.
Line Encoding: 2B1Q with Integrated Echo Cancellation.
Clocking: Internal, external or receive recover
Distance: Up to 10.8 miles (see table below)
Data Rates: 32, 56, 64, 128, synchronous (switch selectable); 0 - 38.4 kbps, asynchronous
Carrier Control: “Constantly on” or “Controlled by RTS”
RTS/CTS Delay: no delay, short delay (4-8 ms), or long delay (33-58 ms)
LED Status Indicators: TD, RD, CTS, CD, DTR, NS (no signal), ER (error) and TM (test mode)
Diagnostics: local analog loopback, remote digital loopback, V.52 compliant bit error rate pattern (511/511E pattern) generator and detector with error injection mode
Isolation: Minimum 3000V RMS via custom transformers
Surge Protection: 600W power dissipation
DTE Interface: V.24, RS-232, V.35, X.21, G.703
Twisted Pair Interface: RJ-45 jack
Power: 115/230 VAC (switch selectable), 50/60 Hz; 85 - 256 VAC, 50/60 Hz (universal input option); 48 VDC (option). 5 watts.
Dimensions: 7.3” x 6.6” x 1.62” (18.5 x 16.8 x 4.1 cm)
Weight: 2.02 lbs (.92 kg).

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