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Patton Electronics 1070
AC Powered, Synchronous
Short-Range Modem (Opto-Isolated)

Patton Model 1070
AC Powered, Synchronous, Short-Range Modem (Opto-Isolated)
Insure Data Integrity With Loopback Tests, Status Indicators and Opto-Isolation
Model 1070
  Features & Benefits
  • Data Rates from 1.2 to 19.2 kbps
  • Distances to 10 Miles (16.1 Km)
  • Point-to-Point or Multipoint Operation
  • Optically Isolated & Surge Protected
  • Local and Remote Analog Loopback Test Modes
  • External AC Power Overcomes Limits of Low RS-232 Power
  • Internal or External Clocking, Set by External Switch
  • Tri-State LED Status Indicators
  • Both an RJ-11 Jack and Terminal Block Included

The Model 1070 AC Powered, Synchronous Short Range Modem is designed with three RS-232 communications environments in mind: low power, high noise and mission critical. A low power environment is one where the RS-232 interface does not provide the necessary signal voltages to operate a self-powered short haul. The Model 1070 handles this problem by deriving power via external AC transformer—either 120 or 230 volts.

A high noise environment is one where transmission is impeded by unwanted energy on the twisted pair line. The Model 1070 counters this problem in several ways: Optical isolation eliminates ground loop currents in between-building applications. Silicon Avalanche Diode surge protection takes out data line transients from lightning strikes and other sources of EMR. Finally, a custom VLSI chip inside the Model 1070 filters out noise separately at each data rate.

A mission critical environment is one where data integrity is essential. The user needs to insure that the modem connection is operating properly and that the data is being passed. The Model 1070 insures data integrity, not only by using surge protection and optical isolation, but by providing local and remote loopback tests and front panel LED signal monitors.

In addition to being ideal for low power, high noise and mission critical environments, the Model 1070 has convenience features that make it the best choice for many other sync. applications: The 1070 handles both hardware and software flow control requirements, has both a terminal block and RJ-11 jack for twisted pair hook up, and provides external access for all configuration switches.

Product Highlights

Miniature 1070 Card Fits Rack Chassis & Cluster Boxes™
The Model 1070RC puts all the power and flexibility of the Model 1070 standalone into a 2U high rack card. Using mid-plane architecture, Patton's rack and cluster systems offer interchangeable interface cards and interchangeable modem "function" cards. You can even swap cards with the power on!

Model 1070

  • Low Profile Design uses Only 2U of Rack Height
  • Hot-Swappable—1070RC can be Unplugged without Disconnecting Power
  • Switchable Power Supply Accepts 115V or 230V AC
  • Rugged All Metal Chassis Construction


Transmission Format: Synchronous
Interface: RS-232 (CCITT V.24) DB-25 female
Transmission Line: 4-wire, unconditioned via RJ-11 or terminal blocks (RJ-45 optional)
Data Rate: 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 14.4 & 19.2 kbps
Applications: Point-to-point or multipoint
Indicators: Tri-state indicators for Transmit Data, Receive Data, RTS and DCD
Clocking: Internal or external
Diagnostics: Loop 3 and 4, V.54 compliant local and remote analog loopback; according to the V.54 standard; manually controlled only
Controls: Carrier constantly "on" or controlled by RTS; RTS/CTS delay set to 0, 8 and 53 mS
Power Supply: Wall-mount, 12VAC, 200mA
Dimensions: 4.17"W x 1.52"H x 5.0"L (10.6 x 1.52 x 5 cm)

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