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Patton Electronics Model 1053AS
High Speed Serial Extender

Patton Electronics 1053AS
High Speed Serial Extender
The Model 1053AS miniature high-speed digital modem offers multi-rate Async/Sync speeds to 115.2/128 kbps with transparent modem signal controls. This 2-wire full-duplex modem uses 2B1Q modulation for superior noise immunity.

Features & Benefits
  • Extends serial devices up to 5 miles (8 km) over ordinary grade twisted pair.
  • Miniature size for direct connections to your serial port.
  • 2B1Q modulation enhances signal immunity in noisy environments and increases the distance of RS-232 signals.
  • Multiple user-configurable asynchronous and synchronous rate options.
  • Transparently passes RS-232 control signals over the link.



Patton’s Model 1053AS is a long-range powered, digital modem that operates synchronously or asynchronously at full duplex over a single twisted pair. The Model 1053AS utilizes 2B1Q modulation for superior signal strength even in the noisiest environments. RS-232 serial connections with speeds of 128 kbps can now be extended to distances over 5 miles (8 km) without the use of repeaters! Using ordinary voice-grade wire, the 1053AS Serial Extender provides a cost-effective solution for high speed, dedicated end-to-end connections with synchronous line rates up to 128 kbps and asynchronous line rates up to 115.2 kbps that include RTS, CTS and DCD modem signals.

The Model 1053AS modem’s miniature size allows for a direct connection to your transmission devices serial port. Two 8-position DIP switches are located at the bottom of the unit to allow the configuration of various asynchronous or synchronous line rate settings. Additionally, LEDs are conveniently located on the side of the Model 1053AS to provide at-a-glance status indication of the unit.




Clocking: Internal, external, or receive recover.
Line Coding: 2B1Q conforming to ANSI T1.601 and ETSI ETR-080 standards.
Line Interface: RJ-45; Two-wire twisted-pair using pins 4 & 5; Transformer coupled 1500 VRMS isolation.
Maximum Line Distance for all Data Rates:
• 10.1 miles (16.4 km) on 19 AWG (0.9 mm) wire
• 7.2 miles (11.5 km) on 22 AWG (0.64 mm) wire
• 5.0 (8 km) on 24 AWG (0.5 mm) wire
• 3.4 (5.5 km) on 26 AWG (0.4 mm) wire
Serial Interface: DB-25 Female or DB-9 Female depending on model ordered.
Serial Data Rates:
• Synchronous: 32, 56, 64, and 128 kbps
• Asynchronous: 38.4, 57.6, 76.8, and 115.2 kbps
LED Indicators: TXD, RXD, Link, NS (no signal), ER (CRC error).
Power Supplies: External wall-mount power supply with universal 90–260 VAC input or -12,-24, and -48 VDC input .
Dimensions: 5.18L x 1.69W x 0.75H in. (13.16L x 4.29W x 1.91H cm)
Weight: 2.01 lbs. (<1.0 kg)
• FCC Part 15, subpart B, class A (US)
• EMC Directive 89/336/EEC (EU)
• ICES-003 (Canada)
• AZ/NZS 3548 (Australia C-Tick)
• CISPR 22 (International)
• UL 60950/CAN-CSA-C22.2 60950 (Safety—US/Canada)
• EN 60950 (Safety—Europe/International)
• Operating temperature: 32–122°F (0–50°C)
• Humidity: 5–95% non-condensing
• Altitude: 0–15,000 feet (0–4,572 meters)


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