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Patton Electronics 1045
KiloModem™, AC Powered, High Speed
Short-Range Black Box Modem (RS-232 & RS-530)

Patton Model 1045
KiloModem™, AC Powered, High Speed, Short-Range Mode
(RS-232 & RS-530)
Great for LAN-to-LAN or Tail Circuit Applications in Sync or Async Environments
Model 1045
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Product Description
1045/24FRJ45 ME351A-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045RC45 ME356C  Async/Sync LD 56/64 Card 
1045/24MRJ45 ME351AE-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045RC3445 ME358C  Async/Sync LD 56/64 Card 
1045/24FRJ45 ME351AE-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045/24FRJ11 ME350AE-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045/35MRJ11 ME352AE-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045/35FRJ45 ME353A-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045/35MRJ11 ME352A-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045/24FRJ11 ME350A-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045/35FRJ45 ME353AE-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045/24MRJ11 ME350A-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045/24MRJ45 ME351A-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045/24MRJ11 ME350AE-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045/35FRJ11 ME352AE-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045/35FRJ11 ME352A-F  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045/35MRJ45 ME353AE-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 220V 
1045/35MRJ45 ME353A-M  Async/Sync LD 56/64 - 120V 
1045RC11 ME355C  Async/Sync LD 56/64 Card 
1045RC3411 ME357C  Async/Sync LD 56/64 Card 


  Features & Benefits
  • Async or Sync Operation
  • Data Rates of 32, 56 & 64 kbps
  • Distances to 6 Miles (9.7Km)
  • Tri-State LED Indicators
  • V.54 Loopback Test Modes
  • Built-In V.52 BER Generator/Detector
  • Internal, External or Receive Recover Clocking in Sync Mode
  • Transformer Isolation & Surge Protection

The Model 1045 KiloModem™ is Patton's most capable plug-in short haul modem to date. The Model 1045 supports both async and sync communication at switch selectable data rates of 32, 56 and 64 kbps. Deriving power from an external AC transformer, the Model 1045 supports distances up to 6 miles/9.7Km (19 AWG 32 kbps) over two unconditioned twisted pair. Synchronous transmit clock options are internal, external and receive recover clock. The Model 1045 has both V.54 loopback diagnostics and a built-in V.52 BERT pattern generator/ detector. Transformer Isolation and surge protection guard against ground loops and transients. A rack mount version, the Model 1045RC, fits in Patton’s 16 slot rack chassis and 2/4/8-slot ClusterBoxes™



Transmission Line: 19 to 26 AWG (.9mm to .4mm) private unloaded twisted pair or unconditioned telephone company local area data (LAD) channels; (see AT&T specification 41028)
Range: Call for details
Carrier: Constantly "on" or controlled by RTS (point-to-point or multipoint operation)
Interface: EIA RS-232 or CCITT V.35
Data Rates: Async. 32, 56 and 64 Kbps. Sync. 32, 56 and 64 Kbps.
RTS/CTS Delay: Switch-selected to 0, 7 or 53 mS
Diagnostics: 100% compliance with V.54 test modes (switch-selectable)
BERT: 100% compliance with V.52 including 511 & 511E bit pattern generation (switch-selectable)
Receive Clock: Derived from receive signal
Transmit Clock: Internal, external (from pin 24) or receive recover
Indicators: Status LEDs for TD, DCD,PWR and Test
Power Supply: External wallmount transformer available with 120 or 230V
Isolation: 1500V RMS via isolation transformers
Surge Suppression: 600W power dissipation
Dimensions: 3.55" x .2.1" 78" (9.0 x 5.3 x 2 cm)

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