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Patton Electronics 1030
Self-Powered, Synchronous, Carrier-Controlled
Black Box Short-Range Modem

Patton Model 1030
Self-Powered, Synchronous, Carrier-Controlled, Short-Range Modem
The Best Choice for Sync Applications that are Multipoint or Require Hardware Handshaking
Model 1030
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
1030SF ME729A-FSP  Sync. SHM-NPR MP 
1030M RJ45 ME735A-M  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ45 
1030F RJ45 ME735A-F  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ45 
1030SFRJ45 ME735A-FSP  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ45 
1030F RJ11 ME734A-F  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ11 
1030SFRJ11 ME734A-FSP  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ11 
1030SMRJ45 ME735A-MSP  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ45 
1030M RJ11 ME734A-M  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ11 
1030SMRJ11 ME734A-MSP  Sync. SHM-NPR MP / RJ11 
1030SM ME729A-MSP  Sync. SHM-NPR MP 
  Features & Benefits
  • Internal, External or Receive Loopback Clocks (Switch Selected)
  • Ideal for Multipoint Configurations
  • Data Rates to 19,200 bps
  • Range to 11 Miles/17.7Km (19 AWG 1.2 Kbps)
  • Carrier "On" or "Controlled" (Switch Selected)
  • Full or Half Duplex Operation
  • Transformer (DC) Isolated
  • FCC Approved—Part 15 Class A
  • Built-In Surge Protection (Model 1030S)

The Model 1030 synchronous, multipoint short range modem supports full clock options, hardware handshaking and selectable data rates to 19.2 Kbps. Capable of distances to 11 miles (17.7 Km) over two twisted pair, the Model 1030 incorporates Patton's custom VLSI chip and transformer isolation. The Model 1030S provides 600 watts per wire of Silicon Avalanche Diode surge protection.


Trans. Format: Synchronous
Data Rate: 1200 to 19,200 bps switch selectable
Clocking: Internal, external or loopback derived from the receive signal
Transmit Line: 4 wire unconditioned twisted pair
Transmit Mode: Full or half duplex
Transmit Level: -6 dBm
Range: Up to 11 miles (17.7Km)
Control Signals: RTS/CTS delay switch selectable for 8mSec or 53 mSec; carrier continuous or controlled by RTS; DCD turns "ON" after recognizing the receive signal from the line
Power: Drawn from EIA data and control signals
Dimensions: 4.17" x 1.73" x 0.87" (10.6 x 4.4 x 2.2 cm)

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