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Patton Electronics 1020 & 1025
Self-Powered, Synchronous
 Black Box Short-Range Modems

Patton Models 1020 & 1025
Self-Powered, Synchronous, Black Box
Short-Range Modems
The Lowest Cost Solution for Sync Point-to-Point Applications
Model 1020
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
1020SFRJ45 ME752A-FSP  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ45 
1020SF ME750A-FSP  Mini Driver 4W-S 
1020F RJ11 ME751A-F  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ11 
1020F RJ45 ME752A-F  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ45 
1020SFRJ11 ME751A-FSP  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ11 
1020SM ME750A-MSP  Mini Driver 4W-S 
1020M RJ45 ME752A-M  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ45 
1020M RJ11 ME751A-M  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ11 
1020SMRJ11 ME751A-MSP  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ11 
1020SMRJ45 ME752A-MSP  Mini Driver 4W-S/RJ45 
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
1025SFRJ45 ME756A-FSP  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ45 
1025F RJ45 ME756A-F  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ45 
1025F ME753A-F  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL 
1025SMRJ45 ME756A-MSP  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ45 
1025M RJ45 ME756A-M  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ45 
1025SF ME753A-FSP  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL 
1025SM ME753A-MSP  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL 
1025M ME753A-M  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL 
1025F RJ11 ME754A-F  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ11 
1025SFRJ11 ME754A-FSP  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ11 
1025SMRJ11 ME754A-MSP  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ11 
1025M RJ11 ME754A-M  Mini Driver 4W-S-CL/RJ11 
  Features & Benefits
  • Selectable Sync Data Rates from 1200 to 19,200 bps
  • Internal, External or Receive Recover Clock (Model 1020, Internal Clock only)
  • Transformer Isolation
  • Optional Surge Protection (Models 1020S and 1025S)
  • No AC Power Required
  • FCC Approved—Part 15 Class A

The Model 1020 & 1025 are our most basic self-powered, sync short range modems. Supporting data rates from 1.2 to 19.2 kbps, these units extend RS-232 communication up to 11 miles/17.7km (19 AWG at 1200 bps) over two unconditioned twisted pair. Both models have transformer isolation to guard against ground loops in between-building applications. The Model 1020 provides internal clock only, while the Model 1025 supports internal external and receive recover clock.


Transmission Format: Synchronous
Clocking: Model 1020 - Internal clock; Model 1025 - internal, external, or receive recover clock (switch selectable)
Transmit Mode: Full duplex
Transmit Level: -6 dBm
Control Signals: CTS turns "ON" 8 mS after the terminal raises RTS; DSR and DCD are constantly "ON"
Surge Protection: 600W power dissipation
Data Rate: 1200 to 19,200 bps including 7.2 & 14.4
Range: Up to 11 miles (17.7 km)
Power: None required; uses ultra low power from EIA data and control signals
Dimensions: 2.66" x 2.10" x 0.73" (6.8 x 5.3 x 1.9 cm)

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