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Patton Electronics 1008
Self-Powered, High Speed, Multipoint, DB-9
 Black Box Short-Haul Modem

Patton Part # Black Box Part # Description
1008F RJ45 ME777A-FSP  Mini Driver MP 9F/S/RJ45 
1008F ME775A-FSP  Mini Driver MP 9F/S/Term 
1008M ME775A-MSP  Mini Driver MP 9M/S/Term 
1008F RJ11 ME776A-FSP  Mini Driver MP 9F/S/RJ11 
1008M RJ45 ME777A-MSP  Mini Driver MP 9M/S/RJ45 
1008M RJ11 ME776A-MSP  Mini Driver MP 9M/S/RJ11 
Patton Model 1008
Self-Powered, High Speed, Multipoint, DB-9, Short-Haul Modem
Model 1004A Features in a DB-9 Package!
Model 1008
  Features & Benefits
  • Point-to-Point or Multipoint Operation over 2 or 4 Wires
  • Multidrop up to 50 Terminals
  • Async. Data Rates to 115.2 Kbps
  • Range to 9 Miles (14.5 Km) on 19 AWG at 1.2 kbps
  • Transmits and Receives Data plus One Control Signal Each Way
  • Selectable RTS/CTS Delay
  • Operates with or without “Echo”
  • Two Separate Impedance Settings
  • Carrier "ON" or "RTS Controlled”
  • FCC Approved–Part 15 Class A
  • Silicon Avalanche Diode Surge Protection Now Standard
  • No AC Power or Batteries Needed

The Model 1008 is our first multipoint short range modem to fit in an ultra-miniature DB-9 package! Compatible with the new Model 1004A, the Model 1008 supports data rates to 115.2 kbps and distances up to 9 miles (14.5 Km) on 19 AWG 1200 bps over one or two twisted pair. Requiring no AC power or batteries for operation, the Model 1008 allows up to 50 terminal drops in a multipoint environment. The Model 1008 passes data, plus one control signal, in each direction. Five separate configuration parameters let you custom-tailor the Model 1008 to your particular application. And surge protection is standard!



Trans. Format: Asynchronous
Data Rate: Up to 115,200 bps
Transmit Line: 2, 4 wire unconditioned twisted pair
Transmit Mode: Full or half duplex
Transmit Level: 0 dBm
Range: Over 9 miles (14.5 Km)
Control Signals: DSR turns "ON" immediately after the terminal raises DTR; DCD turns "ON" after recognizing the receive signal from the line; CTS turns on 8 mSec after the terminal raises RTS
Carrier: The carrier is strap selected for either continuous operation or switched operation, controlled by RTS
Surge Protection: 600W power dissipation
Power: None required, uses ultra low power from EIA data and control signals
Dimensions: 2.50" x 1.2" x 0.75"

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