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Patton Electronics 1005 & 1006
Self-Powered, Asynchronous, Carrier-Sensing
Black Box Short-Range Modems
ME731 ME732 ME733

Patton Models 1005 & 1006
Self-Powered, Asynchronous, Carrier-Sensing
Short-Range Modems
These RS-232 Short Hauls Detect the Presence of Carrier on the Line
Model 1005
Patton Part # Black Box Part # Carrier Sense Mini Driver Description
1005M RJ45 ME733A-M  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ45 
1005F RJ45 ME733A-F  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ45 
1005F ME731A-F  CS Mini Driver - A 
1005SMRJ45 ME733A-MSP  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ45 
1005SM ME731A-MSP  CS Mini Driver - A 
1005SF ME731A-FSP  CS Mini Driver - A 
1005M ME731A-M  CS Mini Driver - A 
1005SFRJ45 ME733A-FSP  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ45 
1005SMRJ11 ME732A-MSP  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ11 
1005SFRJ11 ME732A-FSP  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ11 
1005M RJ11 ME732A-M  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ11 
1005F RJ11 ME732A-F  CS Mini Driver - A / RJ11 


  Features & Benefits
  • Range to 17 Miles
  • Data Rates to 19.2 kbps
  • Carrier Sense Handshaking
  • No AC Power or Batteries Needed
  • Externally Accessible DCE/DTE Switch (Model 1005)
  • FCC Approved—Part 15 Class A
  • 600 Watts Per Wire of Built-In Surge Protection (Model 1005S/1006S)

The Model 1005 and 1006 asynchronous, carrier sense short range modems allow RS-232 UNIX and similar systems to communicate up to 17 miles (27.4 Km) over two unconditioned twisted pair cables. The carrier sense feature allows these units to detect the presence of carrier (RTS) on the line, making them useful in applications where the host must see a carrier to send a logon screen to a terminal. These short hauls are also tailored for troubleshooting in systems where the presence or absence of carrier indicates positive or negative line integrity. The Model 1005S & 1006S incorporate 600 Watts per wire of Silicon Avalanche Diode surge protection.


Transmission Format: Asynchronous
Data Rate: 0 to 19,200 bps (no strapping)
Surge Protection: 600W power dissipation at 1 mS
Control Signal: CTS (Pin 5) turns ON immediately after the terminal raises RTS (Pin 4); DSR (Pin 6) turns on when powered up (connected); DCD (Pin 8) turns ON after detecting the receive signal from the line
Transmit Line: 4 wire, unconditioned line (2 pair)
Transmit Mode: Full duplex, 4-wire
Transmit Level: 0 dBm
Line Connection: RJ-11 or RJ-45 jack or 5 screw terminal posts (4 wires and 1 ground) and a strain relief insert
Power: None required
Dimensions: 2.66" x 2.10" x 0.73" (6.8 x 5.3 x 1.9 cm)

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