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Patton Electronics 1003
Self-Powered, Asynchronous, 2-Wire,
Carrier-Sensing, Short Range Modem

Patton Model 1003
Self-Powered, Asynchronous, 2-Wire, Carrier-Sensing
Short-Range Modem
Supports UNIX and Similar Operating Systems Using Coax or a Single Twisted Pair
Model 1003
  Features & Benefits
  • Carrier Sense Handshaking
  • Operates Over Coax or a Single Twisted Pair
  • Ideal for UNIX Operating Systems
  • Range over 5 Miles (8km)
  • Data Rates to 19,200 bps
  • No AC Power or Batteries Needed
  • External DCE/DTE Switch
  • Available with BNC, RJ-11, RJ-45 or Terminal Block 2-Wire Interface
  • 600 Watts Per Wire of Silicon Avalanche Diode Surge protection (Model 1003S)

The Model 1003 Async., 2-Wire, Carrier Sense Short Range Modem combines the 2-wire capabilities of the Model 1002 with the carrier sense capabilities of the Model 1005. The result is a versatile short haul that allows RS-232 UNIX systems (and similar systems that require carrier sense handshaking) to communicate over coax or a single twisted pair.

The Model 1003 is particularly applicable to environments where coax cable is already installed, or where there is a desire to double the carrying capacity of existing twisted pair lines. Besides its usefulness in UNIX environments (where the host must see carrier to send a logon screen to a terminal), the Model 1003 is also tailored for troubleshooting in systems where the presence or absence of carrier indicates positive or negative line integrity.

The Model 1003S incorporates 600 Watts per wire of Silicon Avalanche Diode surge protection on the line side.

Product Highlights

Coax (BNC) Connections Available for All 2-Wire Modems


Model 1000


Patton's Carrier Sense short range modems incorporate a special handshaking feature that allows them to "sense" the presence of a carrier signal on the line. This Carrier Sense feature enables the Model 1003, 1005 and 1006 to perform specialty functions not possible with "data only" SRMs. For example; in UNIX operating environments, the host often needs to see that a terminal is ON before it will send a logon screen. The Model 1003 automatically senses carrier on the line when a terminal is ON, thus fulfilling this requirement.

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